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Pier Paolo Pasolini

Arabian Nights' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Pellegrini, Ines 1 Review

Arabian Nights' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Merli, Franco 2 Reviews
Gherentiel, Fessazion 1 Review
Davoli, Ninetto 1 Review

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Ines Pellegrini
shizmatic was written on September 4, 2010


First at the beginning of the movie, we see her full frontal as she undresses to take her master's virginity (she plays a young boy's slave). Then we see her whole nude black body as she strips in front of a princess to show her she's a girl, as she's been disguised as a boy. Then the movie's last scene she strips nude, and makes love to her young master.

Franco Merli
ludwig was written on January 13, 2005

sex with slave girl

Early in the film Merli's character (Nur Er Din or Nuradin) takes his new slave girl home. He is a virgin, so she takes the lead: she kneels in front of him, removes his sarong and then his loin cloth, leaving him comletely naked and giving us a lingering full frontal. Merli is young (maybe late teens) but has a great body: dark skin, well defined (though not over-developed) muscles and a good size penis (soft). He is then led to the bed by the girl and then climbs on top of her giving us a great view of his trim, muscular buttocks.

In a later scene he is being 'massaged' by three young women as he lies on his back naked and there is a brief close-up of one of the girls caressing his semi-hard penis, but the whole of this scene is obscured by bushes.

Mattg was written on July 26, 2008

Lots of nudity from then 17-year-old cutie

Young Franco was only 17 when this came out, making his frequent nudity in this film a bit surprising. However, he's got a lean, sculpted body which seems older than his age and an unbelievably adorable smile, it's easy to see what Pasolini saw in him. We first see him nude near the beginning when the slave girl he just bought proceeds to strip him naked for his character's first sexual experience. She removes his sarong and loin cloth, giving us a lovely, lingering full frontal. She walks him to a nearby bed where she lies back - the camera gives us another lingering frontal as he stands beside her, then he lies down on top of her giving us a great look at his bubble butt. Merli does other nudity in this movie, but nothing as nearly satisfying as this scene near the beginning.

Fessazion Gherentiel
ludwig was written on January 13, 2005

sex experiment

Young Ethiopian (this is the only film he's been in) playing Berhane, who, along with a girl of about the same age, is recruited for a sexual experiment.

Both Berhane and the girl are given sleeping potions that allow them to be woken at different times. Berhane is woken first, spies the girl sleeping on another bed in the room, goes over to her and pulls down the sheet covering her. Aroused, he removes the sarong around his waist and climbs on top of her. We have an excellent view of his rear and, as he is climbing on top of her, his large erect penis can be seen as he pushes it down between his legs - most impressive, especially for a young guy (late teens?) with a small, yet well proportioned, body. He bobs up and down on her for a while as she sleeps and, when he has finished, returns to his bed and goes to sleep.

The girl is then woken and sees Bethane asleep, goes to his bed and pulls the sheet off. His genitals are obscured at this point, but the head of his large erect penis can be seen briefly as she climbs on top of him and very clearly (for a few seconds) after she gets off him.

Gherentiel is young (late teens) but has luscious dark skin, a cute face, well defined (though not muscular) body, nice firm buttocks ... but the four stars have to go to the coyness with which he sports his erection and Pasolini's evident unashamed joy of it.

Ninetto Davoli
casualasian was written on December 6, 2004

a lot of explicit nudity throughout

It is not only Ninetto Davoli, a regular for Pasolini's movie, who is fully nude throughout the movie. There are at least 2 other guys you can see fully nude. This is the 2nd to last movie that Pasolini has made, and it seems since 1969's Decameron, and then 1971's Canterbury Tales, this one, and finally the notorious 1975's Salo, all these Pasolini movies has lots of nudity. So check them out.

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