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Alexxus Young
beowulf644 was written on March 27, 2008

Nude young bather

Early in the film Alexxus is bathing in an old wash tub while another girl in the room talks to her. Shots of her medium size wet hanging tits while a guy tries to peek in the window at her. An old man bursts in with a gun wondering why they are in the house and forces them to open the door to the room Alexxus is bathing in. He barges in and we and they see her rack again. He then forces her to stand up so he can see her pussy and we are treated to a shot of her nice, wet,firm, round sweet ass. The frontal is left for the old man and the crew who must have had a good time on set that day admiring Alexxus's fully nude wet body. If I were the old man I would have flubbed my lines so I could see Alexxus stand up bare ass naked out of the water again and again while I admired her titties and puss.

xuxu was written on June 2, 2009

Cute tits and sexy wet ass

Nice semi-embarrassment scene here. Alexxus is bathing in an old fashioned tub at an abandoned cabin when the owner shows up and demands the group to open the door to see who is in his cabin. He busts in with a shotgun, with a couple other guys and sees Alexxus in the tub. He makes her stand so he can look at her naked wet body and admire her pussy. We are treated to several shots of her sexy titties and an exquisite shot of her bare butt cheeks. They are wet and very tight. The old man makes mention of how hot she is and she shyly says thank you. The guys on this set got a nice awful of Alexxus and clearly enjoyed being able to see her cute pussy and wet naked ass.

Starduster was written on August 28, 2004

Bare Bathing and Lingerie Makeout

Happily, it is virtually a rule that all low-budget horror flicks must have at least one actress who gets naked. In this film, the obligatory nudity is performed by an unknown brunette, Alexxus Young. About 18 minutes into the movie, she takes a bath in an old farm house. There are severel topless shots of her in the tub, plus a quick view of her buns. But no full-frontal, sorry to say. The director manages to inject some humor into the bath scene, notably when an old rancher barges in on the nude Alexxus. About five minutes after the bath scene, she and actress Bevin McGraw have a little girl-girl action in bed, but both remain clad in their lingerie for the entirety of the scene, and nothing too explicit occurs. There'sno udity in the last hour of the movie. A body double is listed in the credits, so I wonder if a "stunt butt" was used for the one rear view. Young is attractive enough, though I wish the other two actresses in Arachnia had go nude, too. It would have made the movie much more entertaining

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