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Kathy Marykuca
DeMan was written on May 26, 2002

Breasts in see-through gown

In Guy Maddin's surreal black & white movie "Archangel," Kathy Marykuca plays a young woman in a small Russian village in 1919, loved by two men: Her amnesiac ex-husband, who believes it's still their wedding day and doesn't know that she had their marriage annulled, and a one-legged war veteran whose dead fiancee was a look-alike for Kathy. Kathy has two scenes in which she wears a sheer nightgown, through which her breasts and nipples are clearly visible. The first scene is a flashback to her honeymoon, and the second scene occurs when she allows her amnesiac ex-husband to take her on the honeymoon all over again.

Kyle McCulloch
DeMan was written on May 26, 2002

Butt undressing for bed

Kyle McCulloch (a Canadian actor who has appeared in several of director Guy Maddin's movies) plays a one-legged World War I veteran living with a local family in a small Russian village. In one scene, Kyle's butt is shown as he undresses and gets into bed, while the family's son spies on him. (Since Kyle McCulloch is not actually an amputee, they used shadows to hide his leg and create the illustion of the missing limb.)

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