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O'Sullivan, Gunargie 1 Review
Moisewitsch, Sasha 1 Review

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Gunargie O'Sullivan
LeroyBrown was written on October 19, 2002


Actually Ozzie's review was for this actress, her character was named Dixie. She was sitting on the edge of a big hot tub naked and Rutger Hauer was resting his head between her legs, when Dylan Walsh barges in to arrest him. Breasts and partial bush.

Sasha Moisewitsch
Ozzie700 was written on September 3, 2001


She has the thrilling role of "Whore". About 21 minutes in, Dylan Walsh finds Rutger Hauer in the hot tob, and Sasha is sitting above him. Large, pointed nipples, curved, natural breasts, probably of one of the various Alaskan eskimo tribes.

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