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Karen McDougal
Bootydaddy was written on May 4, 2002

2 scenes

The first is when she refuses to strip for the guards after she is captured, they proceed to tear away her blouse, briefly exposing her breasts. That scene could have been soooo much better considering she's a former playmate. Second she bangs some dude and you get to see her ass and tits a couple brief times. The nudity would have been the only thing to save this movie, but it is pretty lame, I don't recommend it.

LeroyBrown was written on January 2, 2003

Rape scene and love scene

As described by the other reviewers. The look at her breasts was slightly better than Lisa Dergan but it's still not that great. A solid **. This film was an awful Russian made film. If they are going to send more crappy films like this over to the U.S., I say bring back the communists at least they kept their crap to themselves.

GuyMannDude was written on December 31, 2001

One rape, one love scene

When Lisa and Karen refuse to strip for the slavemaster, onlookers are invited to ravage the new feamle slaves. A lot of struggling and torn clothes but the camera doesn't stay in one place for more than a second. Karen does display two of the most spectacular breasts in the free world when the baddie rips her robe from her struggling body (but keep your finger on the "pause" and "frame advance" button). Odd as it sounds, this shot of Karen's breasts during the rape is the most erotic nudity of the movie (which gives you an idea of the overal eroticism of the film). Later Karen is given to a gladiator to enjoy during his last night. It's just too damn dark and because the scene is a series of 1-second jump cuts, by the time your brain realizes you're looking at Karen's fantastic breasts, ass, legs or smile the camera has moved on. NOTE: with the exception of some sexy dancing by Karen at the feast, she doesn't even wear sexy clothes (the box cover suggests that she and Lisa will be fighting in skimpy outfits). The russian film crew who made this atrocity should be shot for not giving us even one long, clear shot of Karen.

Lisa Dergan
Bootydaddy was written on January 22, 2003

couple breast shots

You get a couple views (be quick with the pause button) of this drop dead gorgeous beauty! You may have noticed her on a recent cover of Stuff and on Fox Sports Net! What a babe!

LeroyBrown was written on January 2, 2003

Breasts in four scenes

GuyMannDude gave a good description of her scenes although he made a mistake about the first one. There was no love scene, at least in the version I saw. Although her breasts pop out of her clothes as the Romans were chasing her. The rest of her nude scenes were pretty much described by GuyMannDude. Overall the looks we get at her breasts weren't very good. Although the angle shows her breasts well the amount of exposure were too short and the camera work was very jittery. But she looked very hot, she's an ex-playmate and currently works as sidelines reporter at NFL games for the FOX network which is why NFL wives are nervous when Fox are broadcasting their husbands' games. Overall just * 1/2.

GuyMannDude was written on December 31, 2001

Two love scenes, two rapes

This movie is unbelieveably bad and the nudity is all short jump cuts. First scene is when Lisa is making love to fiance on beach before Romans kill him. After being captured Lisa and Karen are ordered to strip. When they hesitate, the slavemaster invites onlookers to rape them to teach them a lesson. Later, Lisa tosses food on a drunken Roman after he tries to grab her at the feast. So the head Roman rapes her. Some breast shots but not particuarly erotic. In the last scene Lisa is given to a gladiator to please him before he dies tomorrow. Because he reminds her of her finace, she really gets into it. But the scene is a jumble of poorly-lit shots of Lisa & friend, Karen & friend and tomorrow's battle so it's hard to enjoy.

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