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Aria's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Peterson, Marion 3 Reviews
Hurley, Elizabeth 10 Reviews
Fonda, Bridget 12 Reviews
Drew, Linzi 1 Review
Allain, Valérie 4 Reviews

Aria's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Mathers, James 3 Reviews

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Marion Peterson
Chicago was written on December 8, 2001

Weightlifting room scene

Marion is the darker-haired girl during the weightlifting scene toward the beginning of the movie. At :22.75-:23, Marion spins around in front of the camera, giving a full frontal view of her and her hand-cup sized breasts, small areola, erect nips, and dark bush. At :26.25-:27 there's a full frontal of her as she goes to stab the weightlifter. The entire scene where her nudity is involved is :22.75-:29.25, but there are numerous cuts to only the weightlifters, Valerie's clothed, etc., which reduce the overall level of excitement...that said, it's still 4*.

Alphonse was written on January 8, 2001

fully nude in the gym

Marion and Valerie Allain spend a good deal of time naked in the gym while men work out around them. Both are totally naked and totally visible to the camera. Marion shows us two nice tits, a hairy crotch, and a great body. Very nice scene!!

nudity_elitist was written on June 8, 2002

very pretty...and...oh yeah, nude

This scene is awesome. Two beautiful women.... FULLY nude again and again...very well lit....very good camera angles. Marion is the cream of the crop in a movie full of nude women.

Elizabeth Hurley
dav345 was written on March 2, 2002

not much

You see a very brief glimpse of her breasts (maybe half a second), and you really can't see the nipples at all, even if you pause it. Her butt shot is from half a mile away and from the side. Do not watch this to see her naked - you will be severely disappointed. You will see more nudity at Walt Disney World while waiting in line to ride Space Mountain.

Bootydaddy was written on October 27, 2002

boobs and butt

A younger Ms. Hurley shows off her goods during a scene where she is stripped out of her dress and is singing with some dude (I don't have any idea, as you can tell I just fast-forwarded through the whole movie and stopped at the good parts)..then they hug and her NICE ASS is shown from a slight distance, not as much of a distance as other reviewers make it out to be. No bush though =(

Cazzo was written on November 2, 2000

Liz get's nude for us...

My recollection of this scene involved Liz being completely nude. It starts with a frontal upper-body shot of her having her dress removed by her male accomplice. Her beautiful breasts are in full view, no problems with lighting here. She then turns to face her partner and they embrace. The camera cuts to a more distant shot of the couple with Liz's back to us and her little ass now in full view.

One thing which did occur to me was that her face looked noticably different then, less attractive. I have never been able to put my finger on quite what the difference is, perhaps a different nose or eyebrows. I wonder if she has since paid a discreet visit to the plastic surgeon.

Chicago was written on December 8, 2001

1 scene

At :46.5, Elizabeth's cloak is slipped off by the guy and as she turns there's a 3 sec. glimpse of her left breast. At :47.75-:48, there's a distant shot of her ass as she's standing and hugging the guy. At :48.75-:49.75, she is sitting facing the guy on the bed singing...she's naked but the hair covering her chest and poor lighting equate to seeing little/nothing but the outline of her breasts as the camera pulls away from the couple. It IS Liz, though as other reviewers have stated, she looks much younger and rather different ("baby fat" in face and some other places)...but still attractive. Unfortunately, the amount of nudity is disappointing. 2* is a gift.

BushLeague was written on August 25, 2002

Getting groped

The guy she is with slips off her cloak and you get a quick, darkened, but viewable view of her large round tits (think Jennifer Connelly, only rounder!), I saw nipples. The shot of her round ass and muscular legs is a medium shot, and slightly darkened. You can make everything out though, including crack.

Alphonse was written on January 8, 2001

A far less attractive, though topless, Hurley

Okay, as noted by other reviewers, the Elizabeth Hurley in this film is not the same girl you saw in Austin Powers. This girl is kind of strikingly unattractive, actually. But whatever. At least she has the generosity to drop her top. Her pleasantly plump right breast is clearly visible and decently lit, and the swell of her left breast is visible without a clear nipple shot. Not the best nudity on record, but still notable. Definitely the least appealing scene of the movie.

Gumball was written on November 13, 2001

Nice scene

i think this was alright, i mean the lighting was poor, you only get to see her left breast and butt, but hey, it is elizabeth hurley. she looks alot different though, i had to wait to the credits at the end to figure out which scene she was in, thats how differnt she looks.


Jigga was written on September 30, 2000

Breast shot

I ave earlier reviewed Bridget Fonda's nude scene in this movie, and Bridget had the best nude scene. Anyway back to Liz, this movie was made a while ago and she looks a lot different, and the lighting is poor. You only get to see her left breast, the right breast is hard to see because of the lighting.

Cyclone was written on December 4, 1999

Good topless view

This movie is pretty much a waste of time, but at least we get a good look at her great breasts. It's a little dark from certain angles, but in general, it's a good scene and she definitely has some nice tits.

Janitor Bob was written on November 10, 1998

The naked scene

not many goodies for this one, but hey...its 'liz hurley, right?

Bridget Fonda
dav345 was written on March 2, 2002

breasts, a little butt

The scene takes place in a motel room, a little past the 1 hour mark of the movie. Bridget walks topless towards her naked male lover, who removes her panties. You see her smallish breasts and butt (from the side, no crack). Then, as they move for the bed, you see Bridget's ass from a distance in the mirror. It's a nice ass and it's definitely hers (not a body double) - the distance is the bad part. Then, you get more looks at her breasts in the bed and a bit later in the tub. Her pubic region is not seen AT ALL in this scene - I looked, trust me on it.

Bootydaddy was written on October 27, 2002

boobs and butt

You get some views of her cute tits when she is getting ready to bang some dude then more views when she is in the bathtub with said dude. You see her ass in a reflection of a mirror when she is getting placed on the bed. Not too shabby!

nudity_elitist was written on October 5, 2001

nice surprise

This was a scene I saw in which I did not know it was Bridget. It looked like her but I wasn't sure until the credits rolled. No big deal, but it was nice in that I didn't think she did nudity. This film is jam-packed with quality nudity from cover to cover, including a nice scene featuring a yet-undiscovered Liz Hurley's breasts. (also a nice surprise)

Chicago was written on December 7, 2001

1 scene

At 1:00-1:02.75 Bridget's smallish breasts are seen as she walks toward the guy. The camera pans down the side of her body as he removes her panties--side ass. They then move toward the bed and she lies down...breasts again. The scene then ends with her and the guy in the tub, giving some good views of her breasts as they slit their wrists and hold each other. While much of the scene has an arm in the way or the camera off her breasts, no doubt it's a nice view of a to-be mainstream actress.

slavedriver was written on October 11, 1999

sex before suicide pact

If only she wasn't so restrained anymore!! We are given nearly every possible angle and view of her nude body (barely any bush, but perhaps a brief shot). She seems unashamed to bare it all here, unlike today, and it makes life worth living for the rest of us!

BushLeague was written on August 25, 2002

Naked couple commits suicide after making love

Confirmed. In the version I saw, Bridgit shows ass, tits, legs, and back, but not bush. Still a really nice scene, although you never quite see all of her naked at once.

Alphonse was written on January 8, 2001

terrific small breasts

You see Bridget's terrific little breasts and her butt in this movie. First she walks across the room and you see her breasts, and then her male friend pulls her panties off. Not sure if pubic hair is visible, but every other inch of her from the waist down certainly is. Very nice! She also spends some time in a bathtub slitting her wrist. Breasts visible again. Definitely a young and small-breasted version of Bridget.

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

A young Bridget Fonda NUDE !!!

Bridget has always been one of my favorite women, so I only watched this film cos I heard she did a completely naked scene (among many other scenes showing nude women in the rest of the film). Sadly the other nude scenes in the film (ie the scene with 2 cleaners fantasising about body builders), shows MUCH more nudity (especially bush). However, Bridget DOES show most of her gorgeously cute naked body (including a brief flash of her perfect pubes !), so I still give this the FULL 4 STARS. Bridget may be getting on a bit now, but I still definately would !!!

jim was written on January 29, 1999

suicide scene

Miss Finda has nice, simple breasts. What does it for me is the sexy mole on her left breast.

rovingeye was written on October 15, 1999

Not Too Erotic, But Nice

By far, Bridget's best nude scenes. She is seen from a head to toe shot as she slips off her panties, then fully nude (no bush) having sex, and then topless in a bath tub while she slits her wrists. No too erotic, but some nice glimpses.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Sex, bathtub

This is one of the first (if not the first) of Bridget's nude appearances in a movie, and it is probably the one with the most exposure. There is a scene where Bridget is having sex with her boyfriend, and you get to see most of her body. In another scene she and her boyfriend are nude in the bathtub, which is very nice, but she slits her wrists which kind of takes away any of the eroticness of the scene (unless such things turn you on, in which case you might want to see a shrink).

Jigga was written on September 30, 2000

Sex, In bathtub

The movie bored me to tears, except for this scene. She is a newlywed and goes to Vegas with her new husband. First, they have sex, then they are in a bathtub. You get to see her titties and a little bit of ass. I would mormslly give this a ***, but since she is so young, it was made in 1987, it gets a ****.

Linzi Drew
Chicago was written on December 8, 2001

1 scene - operating room

At 1:09.5, Linzi is seen on the operating table as the doctors are trying to bring her back to life; her breasts are viewable for 5 sec. from a medium distance as shot from the ceiling while the doctors put a sheet over her. At 1:10.75-1:11, after Linzi starts to flatline, the doctors take the paddles to her chest twice giving a VERY nice 15 sec. view of her natural, large breasts (with large areola) jiggling. The scene is a little harder to enjoy given Linzi's face is severely bruised and cut, but you need to focus on the nudity as she's got great breasts on her.

Valérie Allain
Bushfan555 was written on August 28, 2003

Awesome bush

This girl is one of the most perfect looking actresses I've ever seen. Medium height, thin but not too thin, medium sized breasts, gorgeous legs, an awesome face, a tight little ass, and one of the finest triangles I've ever seen. Several great views of her entire body, some semi-closeups of her bush.

Chicago was written on December 8, 2001

Weightlifting scene

Valerie is the lighter-haired gal during the weightlifting scene toward the beginning of the movie. At :22.75, Valerie comes in from the side of the camera and freezes in a pose, seen from the side...top of ass, side of breasts. At :23.5, she is cleaning the floors with an open shirt giving a breast flash. At :24.75-:25, she moves to stab the weightlifter...bush and breasts between her shirt; then there's a flash of her full frontal as she almost takes off her shirt. At :26.25-:26.5 there's a full frontal of her as she goes to stab the weightlifter, including a close-up of her hairy muff. The entire scene where her nudity is involved is :22.75-:26.5, but there are numerous cuts to only the weightlifters, Valerie's clothed, etc., which reduce the overall level of excitement...that said, it's still 4*.

Alphonse was written on January 8, 2001

Quite a bit naked

Ms. Allain's segment has an absolutely incredible amount of nudity. She and another girl spend the scene frolicking around a gym in the buff. Breasts, bush, and butt are on full display. An interesting movie with a ton of nudity, most excessively in the bodybuilding segment but also throughout the rest of the movie.

jim was written on January 29, 1999

naked in a gym

The innocent looking French woman that appears in French language videos bears all in this opera laden movie. Allain is completely full frontal while cleaning gym equipment and watching guys work out.

James Mathers
FRuSTRaTeD was written on April 21, 2003

Close, dark penis and balls

This one gets my **** because James is HHHOT, and despite the darkness, you can still make out all you need to see.
The scene is quite artsy. James is seen from chest up walking across a room, the camera pans to his female co-star, also naked. When the two meet they kiss very long and passionately. The camera tilts down both their whole bodies. James' chest and stomach are very smooth and muscled. On the way down, as James removes the girl's underwear, his thick penis is seen, as well as his balls and pubic hair. It looks as if his penis got a bit "pumped up" in the excitement of the scene as it is quite thick and long-- probably 4 or 5 inches at this stage. Although I have read reviews elsewhere to the contrary, James Mathers is definitely circumcised.
The following scene is all side and rear shots of him laying on top of his girl and making love in quick shots.
After this, they are seen in a bathtub together (about to commit suicide... but it's a very erotic suicide). The camera tracks up the hallway, then rises above the bath, and James' penis is seen again floating just below the top of the water. It seems shorter and thinner here, adding to the case that he was aroused in the first frontal.
James is one of the most attractive guys I've seen in a nude frontal scene. His face and hair are very attractive, to go with the beautifully toned body, and large penis. This film is very hard to get hold of, but if you can, it's well worth it! Not for the film... but for this one scene.

bmg was written on January 13, 2000

Frontal and rear

We get to see James' penis in two scenes. In one, he and a woman are nude and standing up, about to have sex. The camera is in a fairly tight shot that slowly pans down as he removes her underwear and we see his penis, though it slightly dark as the light is blocked by their bodies. In the other scene, the camera moves in on the two in the bathtub and we can very clearly see his penis and balls floating around just under the surface. Aside from these, there is a great full legnth shot of him nude climbing onto her and we see his great butt.

Derek was written on December 10, 1999

Bizarre love scene

Actor has a love scene which ends in suicide. It is all very existential and done to opera music.

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