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1969 Land Raiders 2 Reviews

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Land Raiders (1969)
dean31 was written on March 27, 2001

George Maharis argues with Arlene Dahl and throws her on a bed and climbs on top of her. in letting her up, her right breast and nipple clearly show. it is brief.

movie is so so. Arlene Dahl shows her right breast and nipple when she is thrown on a bed and wrestled around by George Maharis. I am sure this was not planned for her blouse to come down and thereby show her breast, a slip up that they left in the movie.

spiritof67 was written on June 29, 2010

The Open Blouse

Contrary to the other post I am sure this was an intentional scene. It should be remembered that this was almost seven years after Ms. Dahl did a particularly revealing Playboy photo shoot - yes, 1962 - and she showed a lot more than the tasty but brief scene in TLR. Nothing new for her.

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