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Kimberley Kates
Popmuse was written on June 24, 2001

Shower scene

In this 1998 film,the pretty Kimberley has a fully nude scene. She is in the shower. First, she uses the curtain to hide some of her assets, yet we can get a glimpse of her nice breasts. After a while, she can be seen fully nude. As previously said, her breasts are indeed very appealing, good size,lovely shape. She seems to be fully shaved but I'm not quite sure, she may still have a timy tuft of very short red pubic hair. Anyway, her crack can be seen...A very sensuous sight.Kimberley has not done many full frontal nude scenes, so enjoy this brief one where her very arousing and expertly maintained pubis is almost clearly visible...

mzungu was written on December 23, 2004

Shaved and Silicone

Kates' obvious boob job and shaved pubis detracted from this nude scene. I give her 2 stars for bravery.

sandmanoftheendless was written on December 22, 2000

Shower Scene followed by extended Wet top

About 30 mins into movie Kimberly is in the shower. You get some nice views of her firm big boobs. Then she skillfully uses the shower curtain to tease us blocking the rest of her body. Finally she pulls back the curtain for a brief full frontal view. She dresses still wet in a thin blouse so it clings to her wet boobs. For the next 10 minutes or so she is running from 2 bad guys bouncing in her clinging see-thru wet top.

BushLeague was written on February 14, 2003

Shower scene, almost topless chase, and changing clothes

More like three+1/2*'s, but sexy chase scene. The shower curtains half obscures here fine silicone tits, but her muscular glistening nude backal body is visible, including her super firm almost round athletic rump. She briefly turns to reveal her left breast, but almost immediately covers it with her arm. She then turns and the curtain reveals her fine putty packed left patootsie and an obviously high shaved pubic region. She then pushes the curtain aside to reveal a full frontal and both boobies and red tufted moistened "V". She lifts her leg and some pussy lips should be in view, but the camera is too far away and she has very thin lips so you can only make out her water dripping fur (possible outline of one lip, but could be my imagination). While she quickly gets dressed she lifts her leg again, but it is too dark to make out the lips. In the ensuing chase scene, her blouse is highly translucent, while wet and you get very good, but not great views of her cloth outlined nipples and non-jiggly tits. There are also some brief up the skirt shots of her and stunt doubles where she is either wearing white panties (obviously her), pantyhose, or bare butt (very probably stunt doubles). Later when she changes from evening wear to a frumpy dress, slo-mo reveals a half pantied look at her righteous rump and legs (she looks a hell of a lot better from the front than from the rear)

soulman was written on October 2, 2001

Shower Scene

Kimberly teases us for a brief moment before getting giving us a good view of her goods as she gets out of the shower. Not bad at all. Very nice tits and a pretty good view of her pubes. As far as her running around in a wet shirt that seems to stay wet for an awful long time, I can't help but picture Kelsey Grammer on SNL yelling "WET HER DOWN" before the being of each take.

voyeur was written on January 12, 2002

Runs out of shower

This is an awesome scene and very rare, too. She has a beautifully curved body, which glistens as she climbs out of the shower. Deliciously firm breasts and a sculpted waist. Ms. Kates has a naturally ginger complexion, which causes (lucky us!) that light, downy, ginger pubic hair known as 'peach fuzz'. Peach fuzz is practically transparent when wet, so we are treated to prolonged views of Ms. Kates' delectable labials. As an added bonus, we can see a delicious tuft of wet hair silhouetted between her legs as she pulls on her pants. What bliss!

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