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Embeth Davidtz
Requiem-for-a-Dream was written on February 10, 2002

Nude deleted scene

If you turn the brightness up you can see her nipples. It's a short scene and a very dark scene. The deleted scene is available on the new versions of Army of Darkness (director's cut).

[email protected] was written on March 6, 2002

Director's cut(96 min.) only--at 0:25, right after she is insulted by Bruce Campbell, he goes after her and kisses her; immediately after, there is a dark scene with her on top of him. Apparently, she is topless, but you can only see the top of

It is not worth a full one star, but it's closer to one than to zero. This is really a bad scene and I'm positive that they edited it out of the Universal release because it was useless to the plot, not because of the nudity.

Harker was written on November 16, 1999

deleted love scene

This love scene is on the director's cut DVD that was just released, restored along with 15 other minutes that Universal cut out of the film before wide release. This 'nude' scene, even with DVD clarity, is pretty worthless. Baywatch has more visible flesh. If someone caps it and 'cheats' with the brightness there may be something here, but otherwise due to the lit-from-behind silhouette quality of the scene, it's impossible ot make anything out besides vague shapes. I understand another restored scene has a topless extra in the background held captive by the titular army of darkness, but I was unable to watch that far into the movie at my friend's house. Anyone else seen the new scene?

slavedriver was written on October 7, 1999

edited love scene

The sci-fi channel version of this film is different from the video release, in that it contains a brief semi-love scene between Embethand the hero backlit by a fireplace. She is naked from the waist up and you can possibly make out her tits as they lie against his chest. The scene fades after a moment of that. It begins after Ash says Give me some sugar, baby or whatever his sexual ctach-phrase was.

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