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Leonor Varela
rbelkin was written on November 11, 2006

Nipple Slip - Not Much But Enough ...

Sexy woman - hard to believe she's not a bigger star.

Sexy nipple slip in the episode where Jason Bateman takes her to an award show (she's is married in the show to Jason's brother - ep 1.4). She is wearing this sexy dress that reveals her breasts. At one point, during the "award ceremony," the camera is positioned to her right and as she is applauding, we can see a portion of her cue dark left nipple.

We get another brief view later in the stairwell - look for it when Jason's character drops the origami paper on her left shoulder - a portion of her nipple appears..

Yea, not much but it's something since she doesn't seem to have done much more obvious nudity.

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