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Joanna Pacula
frogman was written on January 10, 2001

adutrous sex scene early in movie

There is only one scene of nudity and that is courtesy of a body double credited at the end. Pacula is a little old for this part and is not convincing as the manipulated little woman in this film noir. See it for the plot twists, which are pretty good for such a low-budget thriller. For Pacula's skin, see Husbands and Lovers, the unrated edition.

Chamonix was written on June 20, 2001

Short and Short

Probably a body double, though even this is unexpected in a Pacula movie; breasts after 15 minutes, and that all folks. She looks odd as usual in this one.

cecil was written on February 16, 2014

body double

I agree body double, but good nudity from the double. A close up of her bare rear while on top of Boyd Kestner, then close up of her breasts as he kisses them. Later we see her climb out of a pool and we sorta see full frontal, though filmed while looking through some plants that help obscure the view, and of course we never see the head of this person.

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