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1998 Murder of Crows, A 3 Reviews
1995 Triplecross 2 Reviews

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Murder of Crows, A (1998)
casanee was written on November 27, 1999

Breasts and G-string

As she leads Gooding upstairs to the bedroom, she takes off her dress. We see her in classy G-string lingerie and a decent shot of her derriere. Gooding rushes up the stairs and takes her. He pulls down her bra revealing her left pierced breast. After this we see them in a standing raised hip position revealing only her right breast since his back is turned to the camera. There are other semi nude scenes in the movie besides that of Laurence. The story is much more interesting than the nudity here. I would not rent or buy this movie for nudity even if I were a Hellraiser/Laurence fan.

Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

1 brief shot

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Ashley's scene which comes at :34-:35. Ashley drops her dress in front of Cuba to walk up the stairs...ass from a medium distance. As he catches her, he takes down her bra, revealing her left breast and nipple ring; he is caught off-guard and stares...breast for 5 sec. before the camera pulls back and he carries her upstairs. Reflected in the mirror while they're in the shower, Ashley's hiked up and wrapped around his waist...breasts somewhat around Cuba's shoulders from a distance. The only decent nudity is the 5 sec. breast close-up.

puckhead was written on September 29, 2000

shedding clothes on the stairs

standard b movie actress, great ass, nice boobs. dirty girl. nice twist having the pierced nip. she drops her linen and goes up the stairs in a thong and bra, which Cuba shortly removes. one close up shot of her boob, then just far-away stuff.

Triplecross (1995)
zax1 was written on May 26, 2001

Nice sex scene

First she gets her breasts licked for quiet some time. Then she sits on him and we get to see her totally naked body from the side. Her breasts are visible and the rest of her skin. Then there're some shots from behind, showing a bit of her butt. Then they switch with the guy on top. When they change position Ashley's body is slipping away from the guy so if you watch carefully you can see her pubic hair. The scene lasts awhile with him on top giving her pleassure. She gives some passionate cries and moans and the camera gives good shots of Ashleys legs and their body connections. Very nice sex scene, one of the best ever made for a TV-movie.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 20, 1999

Great long love scene

The scene goes on for a long time. It must be around five minutes. The scene is quite slow and sensual but we do get some very prolonged shots of her breasts. We also see her behind as well. If you're a Hellraiser fan, you'll love it.

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