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Ayelet Zorer
BigH was written on March 15, 2006

Tiny bits of darkened breast sightings

The title character in this israeli drama she loses her husband
early in the piece and has a lover by the 54th minute when there
is a very dark sex scene where light splashes across her breasts
for a short time as she lies beneath him, you see a fairly lumpy
right areola and nipple and only the top of the right breast. You
then get a look at the side of her left breast as she shits on the
bed before rushing to the window (possibly a very dark grainy
pubes shot from an open robe) when she sees someone at the window.

A woman I have not been able to identify (22 mins in) is shown
from behind (through a window again.. theres a pattern) riding
a bloke possibly another threat of pubes as she climbs off him.
The character is Mrs Asis if anyone can read the credits.

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