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Natasha Richardson
flaherty was written on September 12, 2005

UK theatre version?

Natasha & Marton have sex several times in this movie. The first time he takes off her top revealing pert tits, and rips off her panties although you don't see anything. It's finished in about 7 secs but she seems happy. :-)

They fuck in his rundown appartment. You see this from behind as Natasha rides him back to camera. You can almost see her butthole as she leans forward. It would be interesting to see on DVD.

Another couple of scenes: in one she is given oral sex (although his face covers everything interesting) and in another she lies in her bath tub topless.

Finally we see Natasha in the asylum showers getting washed by a nurse: totally naked, we see top of her ass and when she turns round the camera pans up & we see her nice tits.

Overall some cute scenes from Nat - although no Full frontal - but they could have been a bit more graphic.

TJWayne was written on August 20, 2009

Very hot

I loved this flick, even if was a period film. Natasha just oozes sex, even when that not the topic at hand. A variety of nude shots incuding several nice T & A shots. A topless cunnilingus scene in a greenhouse is somewhat short by got a rise out of me anyway. She still has a great body and that smokey voice never lets you down.

Later several more sexual encounters with a great ass shot as she rides her man. All the shots are quick when I would love for them to have lingered just once a bit longer.

To bad this idiot she is screwing is a total nut case and her affair has some unexpected costs. A dark turn without a doubt.

Overall: 2 1/2 stars
Boner rating: A brief full boner but not enough to carry throughout. 3/4 boner, a 7/10

lattara was written on October 1, 2005

I count 4 brief scenes

As the previous reviewer commented, a lot of the sex scenes in this movie are clothed. However, there's one sex scene early on in the film where Csokas gets up off Natasha and her breasts are briefly revealed. There is then a decent look in good light at Natasha's fairly small breasts with largish pink nipples in an enjoyably gratuitous bath scene. The sex scene where Natasha is on top and viewed from behind gives a good view of her bum and, as the previous reviewer commented, would be worth a slow-motion DVD replay to check exactly how revealing it was. Also in this scene (and several other less revealing scenes) Natasha is wearing fifties-style underwear (suspenders etc.) which may add to your viewing pleasure. These scenes are all fairly on in the film and then relatively near the end there is the shower scene. Natasha is being committed to the asylum of the title and a nurse hoses her down. Quite revealing of breasts and bum, albeit fairly briefly, but the context detracted from the eroticism for me.

Marton Csokas
GDH was written on September 10, 2005


This British/Irish co-production features several sex scenes between the ruggedly handsome Csokas and Natasha Richardson - but sadly they're mostly of the pointless 'people-having-sex-whilst-fully-clothed' variety. The sole exception allows us a quick view of Csokas' backside as he hoists his trousers up after he and Richardson are interrupted.

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