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Raglan, Alun 1 Review
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Damian Zuk
5th_element was written on April 1, 2001

Shirt on, pants down.

The character is caught having sex with the next door neighbour in the garden. We see his butt for a second, but shirt is on.

Alun Raglan
5th_element was written on May 17, 2003


He plays the drama teacher in season 3. He is set up while trying to have sex with Megan. He has pale and rather round butt.

Peter Davison
5th_element was written on April 1, 2001

strip scabble

It's not a very good scene, but you get a second or two of his butt shot while playing strip scabble with his personal assistance.

James Carlton
GDH was written on August 23, 2001

Obscured view of backside

In the second episode of this British comedy-drama series about a woman who wins £38million, the handsome Carlton is seen having sex with Julie Graham in a garden shed (obviously a habit with Graham's character - cf: 5th_Element's review below!). Unfortunately he keeps his shirt on, but we get a quick view of his pink bum, obscured by the shirt tail.

Richard Burke
GDH was written on February 13, 2007


Buff blond Burke plays a stripper in the eighth episode of the second series. As he closes the door after finishing his performance (which includes some shirtless shots and prancing around in skimpy gold briefs) we briefly see his backside.

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