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Lucy Tulugarjuk
Sexdemonno1 was written on February 3, 2008

Love Lucy? See this then!

There are three scenes in the film in which this gorgeous Inuit actress shows what she has to offer. The first comes during a sex scene (after 1hour) with the title character, Atanarjuat - her breasts are visible as she rides him vigourously and moans in a sexy stylee. You also briefly see her pussy bouncing up and down. A very realistic scene and her panting is superbly sexy. In the second scene (1h 06), as she has sex with her brother-in-law (her lying in front of him), one of her breasts pops out while she shifts in her blanket. She then runs out of the tent stark naked, and you see her breasts and pussy briefly. Finally, cute lil breasts can be briefly seen as Atanarjuat cuts her warm coat away towards the end (2h 22). Surprisingly good movie (if you record it and then fast forward through the bits they aren't talking in!) and the good nudity by this cute actress just adds to the benefits!

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