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Raelyn Saalman
GailFan was written on June 7, 2000

Topless only- but good with it

Raelyn is a gorgeous actress, and here plays the best friend of goody-girl J.J. North, against the bad girl, Tammy Parks.
3 minutes- Raelyn, along with J.J. and Tammy model lingerie on a photo shoot. Shortly after, she's topless on skis.
30 minutes- all three girls are modelling bikinis on the beach. They remove their tops.
53 minutes- in lingerie, with Tammy (brief).
1 hour 5 minutes- topless by the pool, wearing a cute pair of leopard-print bikini bottoms.
1 hour 18 minutes- as closing credits roll, an out-take from the above scene. She's covering her boobs, but she looks cute as she pokes her tougue out at Tammy.

Cyclone was written on October 23, 2001

Three good scenes

Raelyn gets topless during two photo shoots, and we also get to see a bit of her butt. She looks good in these scenes, but my favorite scene with Raelyn is by far is her final nude scene, when she's relaxing by the pool. Her breasts are simply excellent in this scene.

Tammy Parks
GailFan was written on July 1, 2001

Tammy's Tits Are Tops

Tammy has a couple of topless scenes here. The first, at 5 minutes, is a photoshoot. Tammy, intercut with J.J. and Raelyn, poses topless with a little snowman (plastic, to match her boobs).
The second is at 31 minutes. Once again Tammy, along with J.J. and Raelyn, pose topless on the beach for a photoshoot. Tammy grimaces arnd offers her man-made rack to the camera (the stills camera, not the film camera). A couple of nice shots of Tammy and J.J., both topless, jostling each other. Both scenes are only a couple of minutes long.
Considering she's an ex-porn gal, this is pretty tame for Tammy- even J.J. shows more skin.

Cyclone was written on October 23, 2001

A few scenes

Tammy bares her breasts and butt during a pair of photo shoots, and she also shows her backside once more when she's wearing lingerie. Not a bad looking woman, but I personally found her too thin, and I thought she had terrible looking implants. However, from some angles, she did manage to look good, and what exposure she has is well photographed.

J.J. North
Cyclone was written on October 23, 2001

Numerous scenes

J.J. bares her breasts frequently throughout this silly movie. Her early nude scenes were a little disappointing, but once she grows to 60 feet tall, we get our best looks at her big, beautiful breasts, especially during her solo photo shoot. Throughout the film, we also get several brief, but decent looks at her butt, but really, most of her exposure is limited to her fantastic tits, which was more than good enough for me.

Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Beautiful woman, but not nearly enough nudity

The nudity that's there is three stars. I left this wanting a whole lot more. This film is in that genre of topless-only performances. But, if there was ever a film that cried out for full nudity, it's this one. She outgrows her clothes, for Chist's sake, and yet they *still* won't show her totally nude! Arrrgh. J.J. is a stunning woman, and I might even sit though this one again just to see her. (With a remote in hand, of course.)

Nikki Fritz
GailFan was written on July 1, 2001

Good topless scene

33 minutes- Nikki, her blouse undone and her breasts hanging out, is giving her boss a backrub by the pool. Fairly brief, but this girl has amazing nipples.

Cyclone was written on October 23, 2001

Brief bare breasts

Nikki's exposure in this film is way too brief. All we get are two fairly short looks at her breasts while she's massaging her boss. Of course, she looks good, but by Nikki's standards, it's a VERY forgettable scene.

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