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Au Pair Girls' Sexy Actresses

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Yeldham, Lyn 3 Reviews
Wait, Nancie 3 Reviews
Lai, Me Me 2 Reviews
Frank, Astrid 4 Reviews
Drake, Gabrielle 7 Reviews
Donna, Christine 3 Reviews
Actress, Uncredited 1 Review

nudity reviews for Au Pair Girls member submitted

Lyn Yeldham
Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Briefly topless

Late in the movie, she removes her clothes and we get a couple of nice looks at her lovely breasts, followed by a brief look at her right breast from behind. Not bad, but brief, and her body doesn't favorably compare to some of the other women in this movie.

BushLeague was written on September 9, 2005

One additional minor scene

A night club owner makes a grab for her and pulls up her micro-mini dress in the rear. As he gropes her ass, her panties hike up and partially reveals her cheeks.

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Mostly just breasts

Lyn takes the longest to take off her clothes, and she also spends the least time without them. That said, I thought she was worth the wait. Nice shot of her full breasts that lasts for several seconds, then the top of her butt crack when she is making out in the next room. Well lit, too.

Nancie Wait
Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Sex with a singer

We briefly see Nancie's excellent breasts when changing fairly early in the movie, but her best exposure is just past the hour mark. She's about to have sex with a singer, so she removes her top, revealing her outstanding tits. We get several more views of her rack, and a brief look at her butt before the scene ends. Minutes later, she gets up, and she briefly strolls around fully naked, and we now see her bush as well as her boobs. Other women have longer nude scenes in this movie, but I thought Nancie was sexiest.

BushLeague was written on September 9, 2005

Mostly a lot of quick flashes

When she is changing clothes, she has on some lacy panties that allow you to see her hairy bush. We get a brief shot of her pendulous breasts when she puts on a halter. While getting a pair of boots, she lets the shoe salesmen get a glimpse up her skirt of her pantied curlies. She later gives us a longer look at her knockers when she takes off her top before having sex with a rock star. A slightly darkened look at her thick, matted pubes as he kisses his way up her legs. She later does him in the cowboy position for more jiggling mams. A very brief side nude scene where her butt, muff, and tits are briefly visible. And an almost full frontal as she comes through the door. Much longer boob shots after she catches the guy she just screwed, screwing her friend. Its maybe 3+1/4 stars, but she was in boots too long and not nearly enough of her fine ass.

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013


Nancie shows off her breasts and bush (through sheer panties) in a scene early on, then strips and makes love to a man, revealing her breasts and buttocks, and then goes full-frontal when she leaves the room later. A substantial amount of screen time for this very lovely woman.

Me Me Lai
Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Taking off her nightgown

About halfway through the movie, we see her bush clearly through her nightgown. She removes her clothing, and we briefly see her breasts, although her hair is covering them up rather well. We also get a clear look at her bush. After the sex, we see her breasts briefly while she's in bed. It's not a bad scene, but still too tame.

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Full frontal seduction

Me Me is a pretty, petite Asian girl who ends up seducing a young man about two-thirds of the way through the movie. She enters his room, her bush clearly visible through her sheer nightgown, and then takes off said garment revealing her sweet, pert breasts with gorgeous brown nipples. Over the next two minutes, we are treated to a nice variety of shots of them.

Astrid Frank
BushLeague was written on September 9, 2005

The other reviews don't do her justice

When she arrives for her job, she strips down to pantyhose and heads to the shower. You can see her trimmed blond bush through the hose, and then her large jiggly ass as she sashays to the shower. After she turns on the water, she strips out of the pantyhose and gets into the tub. During her brief shower, she suds up her top and the camera for some reason just concentrates there. She gets out of the tub completely naked and wet and walks naked back to her room for another full frontal shot. She picks up a radio and walks back to the shower for a rearal without pantyhose. The next shower scene shows her mostly from behind. The master of the house catches her in the shower, and it is mostly tit shots as she puts on a towel around her waist. Later she is painting a ceiling and the master and the audience gets a few up the skirt pantyhose scenes while she is on a ladder. She goes to get dressed for a date and slips some panties off her pantyhose and we get a peek of bush under her dress. During her date with one guy, she is spirited away by a sheik and taken to his lair. There she is attended by a pair of blond lovelies in virtually transparent harem outfits that show their tits, bushes, and very pert asses. Astrid is stripped out of her dress down to pantyhose again and then stripped out of her hose for another full frontal. A glimpse of her round butt when she gets into the tub, tits while she talks to her attendants and out of the tub she comes while they dry her off with hair dryers (genius!). During this, she turns around for 360 degrees of nudity then she is dressed in the same transparent harem outfit and presented to the sheik. She later jumps up and down on the bed until her pants come off and her top is open in front. More virtual 360 degree nudes. When she realizes she is out after curfew, she jumps out of bed, runs back to the bathroom, puts on her pantyhose and dress (more front and back almost complete nudes). During this time, various other harem girls flash their tits and gigantic 1970's bushes through their harem clothes. Outstanding! The only problem is that Astrid could have used some Jane Fonda aerobics, which had not been invented yet.

Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Two excellent sequences

The best nudity in this movie is courtesy of Astrid. Early in the movie, she disrobes and heads for the shower. Then she jiggles back to her bedroom, gets a radio, and returns to get wet some more. This sequence lasts at least a couple of minutes, and she isn't remotely shy. Her other great exposure is near the end, and we again get all kinds of looks at her wonderful breasts, butt, and bush, including a scene where she's jumping on a bed, and her clothes come undone. Simply a very attractive woman, and her nudity is high in both quality and quantity.

swieez was written on May 28, 2014


Nice fuzzy 70s bush and a great rack!

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Never a dull moment with this young lady

What can I say that the others haven't? Astrid spends most of the film either dressed in a white blouse that reveals her hard nippled and unfettered breasts, or she's in some state of undress or undressing! She strips to her sheer pantyhose, then naked, showers, dances through the house, stands atop a ladder while we check out her pantied ass, gets prepped for a sheik, jumps up and down on a bed until her clothes fall off...and so much more. Trust me, Just watch it.

Gabrielle Drake
Ghostwords was written on August 7, 2006


Ms Drake, who incidentally is the sister of the late singer-songwriter Nick Drake, combines a superb - natural - figure with a refreshingly casual attitude to full nudity in her most revealing role. Sadly, unlike fellow '70s thesps Helen Mirren and Jenny Agutter, she decided to keep her knickers on for the remainder of her career. [NB: The UK dvd release on Jezebel lists the running time as 86 minutes, but the discrepancy with the US timing may be due to slight differences in projection / frames per second.]

Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Several nice scenes

Gabrielle has several nude scenes in this movie, but two stand out. In the first, she gets her dress wet, so she removes it, and we get a good look at all she has to offer. Then, with a photographer, we again see her breasts, butt, and bush. She was perhaps a little thin for my tastes, but her pretty face and terrific rack make this worth seeing.

Profnudity was written on April 29, 2001

Various scenes

Gabrielle has a few nude scenes in this movie. This is one of dozens of 70's British sex comedies. Gabrielle has a stunning figure, and this is by far her most revealing movie.

stthomas was written on February 1, 2009

A treat for fans of

For those of us who were infatuated with Gabrielle Drake on the old "UFO" series, this is a must see.
As some other reviewers state, she is thin-limbed, but very well-endowed and does indeed bare all in a long sequence in the barn. The premises are preposterous, but the barn setting is erotic enough (depending on your tastes) to keep you interested.
Could have easily been 4 stars with modern production values instead of a 1972 no budget toss.

tickledick was written on September 10, 2005

360 nude

I'm a little puzzled as to why Bushleague only reviewed Gabrielle's short skirt in this iconic nudity from British sex comedies of the Seventies. We see full frontal after Gabrielle takes her wet dress off and while she walks over to the car. We see only topless as she explains that she needs to get her clothes out of the car. We get another full frontal shot, with her arms folded beneath her breasts, as she complains about the cold. Next, and probably the most sustained shot, is a rear nude from mid thigh up, standing at the rear of the car. She turns, giving more full frontal from side/front as she walks to the car door. More sustained ass as she stops for a few moments before she opens the door. Sitting in the car, we see her breasts but shadow has fallen across her chest. The whole scene takes place in a well-lit barn and also includes some excellent upskirt, especially open legged sitting on a potato sack and climbing up a ladder to the loft. Her first skin in the photo shoot scene is a topless flash as she opens the blanket she is wearing. Next, there is 360 nudity when the photographer invites her to do a spin so he can look at the goods. More 360 as she walks over to take her place with the other nude model, sitting with legs bent beneath her. He pulls her to her feet again, more T & A, so that he can tip a bucket of water over her. Again, lighting is good.

BushLeague was written on September 9, 2005

Lots of upskirts

Gabrielle lets you see up her very short skirt many times, including "flagging" a tractor for a lift by lifting her dress, legs spread while working on her toes, and some partially uncovered butt cheeks when she climbs up a ladder in a barn.

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Oh, my!

Gabrielle shows up in a tight red dress that leaves little to the imagination, and shows off her nipple hardons quite nicely. And then the dress gets torn, so she teases us by showing her panties. Then she falls in the water and the dress clings lovingly to every nook and cranny. And then she gets naked. She spends the rest of this film naked (occasionally covered by a blanket) and we have several opportunities to enjoy fully nude.

Christine Donna
BushLeague was written on September 9, 2005

Posing for photographer

She is completely naked posing for a photographer. Although the photographer tells her to keep her arms raised to hide her 34a tits, she drops her arms a couple of times to show them in 3/4 glory. She obviously has at least shaved pretty far down, but you get a good shot of her crotch area. You see mostly the left side of her butt, however, you get a glimpse of both buns and her crack when she is laying on the bed crotch down.

Cyclone was written on July 1, 2001

Posing scene

About two-thirds into the movie, we see her posing for a picture while holding some bath oil. Because she's trying to hide certain parts for the picture, little is actually shown, although we can see her boobs a few times, as well as the side of her butt, and perhaps a hint of bush. Probably the weakest nude scene in the movie.

Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Boobs and bottom

Christine is a disinterested model in a photo shoot. The photographer wants her nude, but not revealing, though we are treated to several minutes of her topless, and then topless with Gabrielle Drake (yum). In her parting shot, she is lying on her tummy, revealing a nice backside.

Uncredited Actress
Pieman was written on June 25, 2013

Several hot woman, showing breasts and bush...and some butt

There are several hot women in this film who lack credit for the fine work they do. The first is Miss Fitch (a secretary) who lays topless atop a desk in a fantasy sequence. Then,a blonde who washes cars in the garage is naked from the back in another day dream. Later in the film there are several harem girls who, while not nude, may as well be for all the coverage their sheer garments give them. Several nice shots of just about every bit of body abound. If you like T&A, this is a good film. If you don't, then you probably aren't reading this.

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