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Godrèche, Judith 2 Reviews

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Judith Godrèche
dvdcollector was written on October 27, 2003

Two very quick scenes

In a fantasy scene, we see her wearing thongs. Also, we get a brief glimpse of her breasts as she is making love to Duris. Not nearly as much exposure as the male lead.

lpz89 was written on July 9, 2003

Bedroom scene

A very quick look at the wonderful Judith's lovely boobs as Romain Duris makes love to her. She's lying down so we don't get to see them in their full glory, but nice all the same. Later we also get just a glimpse of her cute bum in a fantasy scene from Duris' imagination where she's wearing a black basque and thong - wow! -she is so sexy!

Romain Duris
dvdcollector was written on October 27, 2003

Nice buns in two scenes

He shows us nice slim buns as he is lying in bed between the legs of a woman. Earlier in the film, he is sitting nude at the computer, and we are able to see his buns here as well. It is also possible to see a bit of pubic hair from a side angle in the computer scene, but no penis or testicles.

ravenboy was written on August 8, 2003

beautiful buns, killer smile

Romain is young, dark, beautiful -- and a delight to watch, especially when he lays, naked, between the legs of a woman to whom he has made love. We get a pretty extended view of his young, slim ass. [American theatrical release-R]

donby was written on December 26, 2003

Buns, in bed on top of a woman.

Duris plays the quiet, nerdy French student in Barcelona for a year. He is thin but very appealing. In the above scene, his bubble butt rates very high.

He also is shirtless in several other scenes, showing his hairy chest to good effect.

Other reviewers have spoken of different versions of this film in America & Europe. In this day of unrated dvds, I am very surprised if this is indeed still true.

atom was written on December 27, 2003

brief look at buns

As the earlier reviewers have suggested, Romain Duris shows off his tight buns in a brief, but nevertheless clear, scene when he positions himself between Sandrine Kilberlain's legs. That's all well and good, but Duris's character is something of a nerd--not ugly, mind you, but a little on the geeky side, both in appearance and character. This film is a charmingly zesty celebration of the new Europe, but it delivers a good deal less erotic heat than might have been expected in a Franco-Spanish coproduction about pretty young college students. Duris's shirtless scenes (as he types at a keyboard) are singularly unremarkable, in part because of the blandness of the situation and in part because of his lack of muscle tone. The sexiest scenes are those involving Duris's sex play with a feisty lesbian.

Kevin Bishop
ravenboy was written on August 8, 2003

nice, hot chest -- that's all folks

He gets three stars for being shirtless in bed iwth another guy -- and he's gorgeous -- but there is no nudity in the American theatrical release (R). Let's hope for more on the DVD. I hear he's gratuitously naked in Food of Love.

atom was written on December 27, 2003

nothing worth seeing

Kevin Bishop has a reasonably pretty early-twenties face, but I would want to re-emphasize something that is not always clear enough in the earlier reviews: if you're looking for real sensuality from Kevin, don't rent this video. It's true that we get a brief look at Kevin's doughy upper chest when he's in bed with another man, but the situation is not as erotic as it sounds. Kevin's character (who is, by the way, a mean-spirited heterosexual boor) is only pretending to be gay in order to distract a visitor's attention from his sister, who is hiding under the bed. The scene is brief and is played strictly for laughs. If dvdcollector says that he saw Kevin's penis in the attempted mooning scene (Kevin threatens to drop trou as a joke on a drunken outing), then I believe him, but I sure didn't see it.

dvdcollector was written on October 27, 2003

A bit of penis

On the European DVD at least there is a bit more nudity than the previous reviewer seems to have seen -- but only a wee bit. When he moons people in the street, we do not see his arse. We do, however, when he pulls up his trousers see most of his penis, but without the tip and without the testicles. The scene is very brief and requires a pause button to enjoy.

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