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Kevin Whately
bmg was written on January 17, 2000


We get to see a lot of his balls and small penis as he frollicks outdoors with some other nude men.

ilikedirt was written on August 17, 2001

frontals and rears

In this great scene 6 of the main characters go skinny dipping, you see all of there butts, as they are strippin down, kevin whately takes his shorts off to show his small butt to the camera, then he turns to jump into the pool and we see his small penis and balls, he must have had guts to do this he has a really small penis, you see several other penis's flopping around as they undress, also tim healy, the main character gets out the pool to talk to somone, he has his hands in front of his package but you can see his hairy chest, and pubes...a great skinny dipping/male bonding/humiliation scene here

Jimmy Nail
2hot2handle was written on June 30, 2000

frontal & rear

While he is being strip serched he is talking and constantly viewed from shoulders up, then the customs officer askes him to 'Spread' and you see a glimse of his uncut dick and hairy balls as he turns to show off his cute arse.

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