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Kevin Whately
Timothy Spall
Jimmy Nail
xiii was written on September 12, 2007

Frontal and Rears

At the begining of the first episode of the second series (Return of the seven part one) 'Oz' played by Nail is being strip searched, for a while the shot is just from his shoulders up as he is seen to be peeling off his clothes whilst complaining about the state of the country, then the customs guys ask him to 'spread' and the camera flicks back to Oz, this time from just above the knees to give us a fleeting but good enough glimse at an impressive full frontal and an extensive rear shot as he is about to be searched. The next nudity come in episode 10 of the second series (scoop) where six of the lads are skinny dipping in broad daylight in somone else's pool, when the owners arive back Oz gets out of the pool and provides us with yet more lengthy rear exposure.

Gary Holton
xiii was written on December 10, 2005

side and dark shadowy frontal

in series 2 episode 10, Wayne (Gary Holton) undresses with the rest of the main cast to go skinnydipping in somone elses pool, wayne is standing side on as he peels off his red t-shirt and pulls down his white demin shorts to reveal his bright blue breifs, after bragging about getting an all-over tan he quickly whips them and dives in giving us a quick shadowy but unmistakable frontal, there is also a breif rear later while he is syncronised swimming

Tim Healy
mcgeezer was written on December 8, 2005

Locker rooms at swimming baths

In this 80s British Tv series about English brickies working abroad Tim Healy bares his bum a few times like one or two of the other actors.
In this scene of episode 9, series 1 (1984) he is getting changed after a swim with Tim Spall and Kevin Whately. Healy is short and stout but his surprisingly nice bum is on screen for a few seconds.
In series 2, episode 10 (1986) all the lads are swimming in a Spanish villa's pool and Healy covers his privates as he tries to explain to the irate owners of the villa that they've got the wrong place. As Healy covers his goolies we get pretty much a look at everything else in the sunny Spanish sun. Quite good if you like the short, stout, balding middle-aged actor who has in fact got a little more attractive over the years on our screens.

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