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Henriette Heinze
Couthon was written on September 1, 2011

Full nudity and sexual activity

This wonderful film charts the sexual life of Henriette's character. First we see her masturbating nude in the shower, pushing the shower head against her hairy pudendum. We then see her stripping naked in front of her new lover. Although Henriette was 32 when this was filmed, her skinny body, small breasts and short hair make her appear younger. There are numerous close-ups of her erect mauve nipples and small areolae. In the next scene Henrietta sucks her boyfriend's penis in a park in the pouring rain before taking off her trousers and exposing her hairy vagina for him to insert his organ. We are then treated to a long scene of her having intercourse with her partner in a swimming pool. Like many German women Henrietta is unshaven, with thick armpit hair as well as a rampant bush of dark pubic hair around her genitals. We see her partner complaining about her hairy armpits in the bathroom but that doesn't stop him from then eating out her hairy vulva before having sex with her from behind. There follows a distressing scene of Henrietta having a miscarriage and ending the relationship, but the film ends on a strong note with her stark naked underwater and then her legs wrapped around a new man.

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