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2006 Naked Players 0 Reviews
2004 Naked and Betrayed 0 Reviews

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2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Sex Games Vegas (2005)
McKinnon was written on July 5, 2011

Bedding star; ep: Starpower

August is mostly interested in Dale DaBone's character because he's a movie star, and they have sex in one of the hotel bedrooms. She lowers the top half of her dress, then after Dale kisses her breasts, she removes her dress and panties (quick shot of her trimmed dark triangle) and they begin the usual positions (cowgirl; doggy style; on her side). The actors put a lot of real chemistry into a formulaic situation; their kisses seem genuine, there's cool-down time between the more energetic moments, the moans don't seem tacked-on, and there are extra touches like August undoing his leather pants with her teeth.

Naked Players (2006)
Naked and Betrayed (2004)

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