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Kristine Rose
Immy was written on December 13, 2005

Left breast (1:12)

After more than an hour of wearing teasingly sexy clothes (plunging halter top, short-shorts) Playboy model Kristine finally bares her enhanced mounds. She's seducing a punk rocker guy in her Stonehenge-style bedroom and slips off her top. Really only the left one is seen clearly but she's obviously topless in silhouette taken a "shower" before turning the tables on him. Shoulda been better.

Pía Reyes
Immy was written on December 13, 2005

November 1988 Playboy Playmate topless

Of the four Playmates who appear in this comedy/horror flick Pia is the only one to bare her boobs. She's in the basement of her auntie's home and she doffs her top to seduce a punk rocker dude (1:10). Left boob first then both are seen a few minutes later when the guy offers her a joint. Later (1:29) she and all the other girls gang up on a guy in the swimming pool. The top part of her tiny suit gets pulled aside as she dives in and her boobs are briefly seen underwater.

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