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Fabiana Udenio
samosa was written on June 11, 1999

HOT scene with austin in her apartment

HOLY CRAP!!! This scene starts with her walkin in on Austin, and then she goes to changeinto something more comfortable, so we see a silouhette of her FANTASTIC body stripping...WOW!!! Then she invites Austin into the hot tub... and she takes off what little she has on.We don't get to see any REAL nudity, but when she's actually in the tub, we see the tops of hertits, and they look like they're floating!!! They're huge and a pleasure to look at. Worth a GOODlook!

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

In the tub

Fabiana is absolutely gorgeous, although she doesn't show a whole lot in this film. Her silhouette is seen when she changes into a robe behind a screen, and then she comes out and disrobes to get into a tub. You don't actually see her disrobe, and her breasts are mostly covered, but you can make out enough to see that they are large and beautiful. Like I said, Fabiana is just gorgeous: face, body, and all.

soulman was written on April 7, 2003


Silhuette of Udenio undressing and the top of her tits in the hottub. Skip it. Check out DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY for a better look at her great tits.

NudeyDude was written on July 20, 2000

Brief nipple

As Alota turns back around to give Austen the suchie (or whatever it's called) her right nipple pops up from under the water. You can only see about half of it. The only reason this gets a star is because she is amazing. At the end of the movie look closely as Elizibeth Hurley's nipple pops out aswell.

budd was written on August 19, 1999

Not Alotta Fagina

Again this scene is very funny but it's much sexier and this woman is a lot prettier than Miss Hurley. Behind a screen, Miss Fagina undresses and we see the shadow of her naked body. She comes out from the screen wearing a robe but soon sheds this when she enters the tub. Her breasts are gi-normous as we only see the tops of them. Get this lady to star in other, more revealing movies, please!!!

tjohn was written on August 15, 2001

Hot silhuette of a sexy body

Fabiano isn't actually nude, but she shows her hot body while changing into something more comfortable under the eyes of the amazed Autsin Powers. After that she enters a hot tub while flirting with Austin, her large boobs though covered by water and bubbles appear to be quite large which made the upper half float over the water.

Serna was written on November 27, 2000

top of very round tits

This is the one bright spot in what I thought was an appalling film.
She looks fantastic and goes behind a see-thru screen to disrobe. She then lets a kind of short kimono fall off her body (the camera pans down so you can't see anything) and gets into a big tub. The whole top half of her globe-like breasts are visible thru most of the scene but that's all. Austin Powers teeth put you off throughout the scene though!

Elizabeth Hurley
soulman was written on April 7, 2003


Hurley's scenes are teasers in final scene where her goodies are strategically covered by items in the room. Funny, but look elsewhere.

budd was written on August 19, 1999


This scene is designed to tease the audience. Myers and Hurley are walking around their apartment at the end of the movie entirely naked but we can't see a thing because there is always something blocking their parts. This would be extremely frustrating if it wasn't so funny.

tjohn was written on August 15, 2001

Only a teaser

She is naked in the appartment but the good stuff is covered by objects making this a funny scene rather than a nude one. Also, she is shown throughout the movie wearing sexy outfits which proves she does not have to get nude to show to us she's beautiful.

Bootydaddy was written on August 21, 2002


There is no nudity in this movie, unfortunatly.

SexMaster was written on May 13, 2001

Tease in the Apartment

This scene is a giant tease. She is walking around naked without us seeing a thing. She is always covered by something making it very entertaining. At one point she is covered by a picture of breasts. This is an all around good movie and should be seen.

king was written on February 26, 1999


Liz is topless in two scenes, although you really don't see much. I think you may be able to see her nipple when she's standing behind a plant in the jugs/melons/pineapples scene. She also models topless during the credits, although you don't see anything there. Also a great movie, worth seeing for its own sake.

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