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2000 Shadow Hours 1 Review
2000 Body and Soul 1 Review

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Shadow Hours (2000)
Chicago was written on January 6, 2003

1 scene

Austin is one of the two exotic dancers seen on stage at :37:11-:37:20...breasts seen between leather strap outfit.

Body and Soul (2000)
whiteraven was written on November 27, 2009

Hot Tub Eye Candy

Austin St. Croix (as Tiffany J. Wooster) as one of three "Hot Tub Girl". Shown about the 51:54 mark DVD, after fight party, two apparently nude big breasted (plastic?) blonds in hot tub (with suds) shown from waist up, third girl, dark hair seating on edge of tub, crossed legged with towel over lap and again about 52:39 talking to the party's host and fight promoter, Alex Dumas, played by Joe Mantegna. I might give the dark haired girl two stars as she was the most exposed.

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