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Weiss, Roberta 1 Review
Stratten, Dorothy 1 Review

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Roberta Weiss
duckem was written on August 20, 2000

spanking scene

No nudity but this is the most embarrassing
film debut by a Canadian actress. Because
she did something wrong she bends over to
be spanked showing her shapely butt covered
by lily white panties.

Dorothy Stratten
duckem was written on August 21, 2000

a bit too much on the bondage

This is Dorothy Stratten's only soft-porn
feature in her brief career but this one
leans more towards bondage rather than nudity.
When we first see her in her in her underwear
it can be seen that her bra can barely hold
her large natural breasts. She is seen topless
a number of times and she puts Pamela Anderson to shame. She is shown fully nude but only her bare butt is shown. Could have shown more nudity but what was shown is fabulous.

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