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Winona Ryder
Pirro was written on September 30, 2000


I saw the movie and there is no nudity at all. Of course there is a love scene, but nothing you havent seen before.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 1, 2003


nothing much she is laying on her back and a nipple pops out of her nightgown

saints was written on January 4, 2001


She is nude atlast. The beautiful right nipple flash occurs at almost the end of the film. Get the DVD and put it on slow mo. You can see her right nipple pop out of the nightie for a second.

I hope she continues to do this..

pj11 was written on November 29, 2002

nip slip

quick slip as winonna's nightie wrinkles a bit. no matter what other reviewers say yes it's without a doubt a nip. had it been another actress it wouldn't get 3 *.

gun_will_travel was written on March 1, 2001

faux nudity

Bad news. After reviewing the DVD on zoom, it's a shadow, not a nipple. I have a feeling that the nude scene which was cut was part of the sex scene, not the nightie scene. The sex scene is still pretty hot, with plenty of jiggle and about 1 inch away from seeing the goods when Gere bangs her against a window.

ff was written on October 14, 2003

nipple in glass

how come everyone is talking about the nightie scene when there is even a better view of her nipple through the glass during the sex scene probably not intentional.

thebelcher was written on May 12, 2001

There IS a nipple, at 1:23:18

Okay, I'm new here, and am very disappointed with this site. I THOUGHT THIS SPACE WAS FOR REVIEWS, NOT A $&^&%ING MESSAGE BOARD! For those of you who obviously haven't mastered your DVD players yet, since the movie is another SNORE thanks to Richard Gere, and Joan Chen's horrible directing inabilities-- just go straight to the time in my title. She and Gere are in bed and she's shown asleep--then cut to a dramatic scene of *&^%ing snowflakes outside the window.... as SOON as the next frame of film appears: NIPPLE'S AWAY! For those of you using a DVD player, use the STEP function. As soon as you see the NIPPLE, hit ZOOM, and you ZOOM into the lovely NIPPLE itself. LEAVE IT IN ZOOM, and hit "step" and go frame by frame, and you will see the lovely crosshairs in the center of the GLISTENING NIPPLE, as she moves her hand over her chest. For those of you that are obviously using TV's from the 60's and 70's, FYI: SHADOWS DON'T GLISTEN. (I have NO idea why another reviewer got so excited about a "throwing her up against the glass" scene--WHEN IT WASN'T EVEN A SEX SCENE, YOU MORON! IT WAS HAND HOLDING!)
I am willing to bet, that once this flick becomes a staple on the Lifetime (man-hating) Network, that they'll show the nippie anyway, since it's so quick. Okay, I'll admit it, I have taken "Pause on the nipple shadow 101" and have been nipplerating since boyhood. I hereby declare myself the new expert on nipples, since so many of you are stupid.

Biko was written on August 20, 2000


I've heard rumours that she has very hot sex scene with Richard Gere i don't think it's real but if someone can confirm i'll be happy

Pirro was written on September 20, 2000

i don´t thik so!

I havent seen this movie, but i dont think there is some nudity from Winona cause i have search all arround the web looking for this pics and i havent found any.
I really hope that the previous review it´s right, but sadly i doubt it.

Biko was written on November 24, 2000

First NUDE Scene

Well well it seems nobody is interrested in Winona Ryder's first nude scene.
Now i can confirm that winona shows her breasts in a scene who was cut from the film Mr Skin told me that it's not sure that it would be on the DVD but check it out in January.

dvddish was written on March 11, 2003

nip slip


Biko was written on October 27, 2000

First nude scene

Well everybody criticized me when I said that I’ve read on the IMDB that Winona was nude in this film.
Today those rumors where confirmed when I read in the French Premiere magazine an interview with Joan Chen. She said that she lost the final cut on this film and that the version showed in theater wasn’t the one she wanted, the reporter insisted that Chen’s first version contained Winona’s first real nude scene.
I’m waiting to see if the DVD have this deleted scene…Pray with me…

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