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Lina Romay
12-string was written on March 21, 2001

Naked throughout

The only version of this film I've seen is the US video release entitled LOVES OF IRINA. Romay is either nude or diaphonously clad throughout and engages in several lengthy sex scenes, one of them S/M though very fakey. As previous reviewer notes, she is at her physical peak here, voluptuous without being chunky and her mysterious beauty is perfect for the role. There are numerous zooms to the crotch in which her vaginal split is noticeable by those who might look for such things. The IRINA print also includes (during her 2nd boy-girl scene) several very close shots of Romay performing rather drooly fellatio, perhaps on her featured co-star, though his face is not visible in the footage. (Since this tape was released on an ostensibly strictly softcore line, this was a pleasant surprise for the 12-stringer on first viewing.) Vs this, the theme music, which seems to be based on "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," may make your skin crawl after about 15 minutes, and one may question whether the always-blurry photography is the director's intention (to emphasize the dreamlike quality of the imagery) or if the DP just didn't know where the focus was on his camera. In my opinion this somewhat mutes the erotic appeal, as I had to keep checking to see whether I still had my glasses on. Slapdash production is typical of director Franco, but I would give the nudity an easy **** if the film had been in focus. Romay is quite the peach here, and the film is interesting though ultimately too sloppy and throwaway.

Serna was written on October 30, 2000

Fantastic Nude Vampire

Romay was 19 when this film (known outside France as The Female Vampire or the Bare Breasted Vampire) was made in 1973 and it was made in about three different versions. She plays a vampire who sucks not blood, but goes down on her victims to suck them to death. She is naked most of the time in the version shown late night on UK TV which was only cut for some S and M. Most of the time she wears just big black boots, a belt and a cape. There are loads of close-ups of her hairy, black bush and her arse, which was lovely at this time although she put on weight on later films.
Three scenes stand out: First a man comes to her bed where she is lying naked. She kisses him, undresses him and lies on the bed with her legs spread. He gets on top. After a while she gets on top with her buttocks arched in the air. She goes down on him with her face deep into his pubic hair. There’s lots of wriggling and he dies. She sits on him and has sex with him, during which we see lots of close-ups of her buttocks going up and down.
Later she goes to the female journalist (Alice Arno) who is totally naked in bed. She kisses Arno all over, her breasts and eventually her vagina (in close up). Arno gets very excited and then dies. Romay looks up, her mouth is soaking wet. She begins to rub her breasts against Arno’s body, then her vagina on her belly and finally she rolls over to rub her buttocks on the other girl’s breasts.
The sexiest scene of all is what comes next – a great piece of masturbation from Romay. She returns to her room and lies naked on her bed. She begins to “fellate” a bedpost and rub it between her hands. Then she sits astride it and rubs her breasts and bush against it. She rolls over on her front on the bed and gets the pillow roll between her legs. She gets on it as if it’s a man and has sex with it, bucking her lovely buttocks slowly. This scene lasts for about five minutes and has to be seen.
There’s plenty more in this film and Romay’s performance is just uninhibited sexuality.

Alice Arno

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