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Gloria Guida
12-string was written on March 31, 2001


Beautiful blonde late teen type Guida gets full naked a few times during this picture. Great, all-natural body. Note that in the original Italian version, she and Carati cap their sexy, cute adventures being gang-raped and murdered by local yokels whom they have innocently aroused at a road house! Talk about a downer ending! In the US print, TO BE TWENTY, the film *starts* with that sequence, which progresses as far as both women being stripped to the beaver by the bad guys, then freeze-frames and cuts to the girls hitchhiking and talking about how lucky it was the police came along and rescued them from the degenerates. Then it plays out the rest of the movie, in order, and ends with them just setting out on the trip that will lead to disaster in the Italian version. Both versions are available in the US. The re-edited American cut is a little choppy and not that generous with nudity, though what it has is not bad at all.

BushLeague was written on October 20, 2003

Gang bang and sex

Unfortuately this kewpie doll's black, tangled, unkempt fluffy pubic carpet does not match her carefully coiffed, golden hair, but it is only a slight disappointment because of the gorgeous face and body. While being stripped for a rape, the guys delight us to a full frontal, including her naturally hanging 33b chest potatoes and the aforementionend cunt hairs. She has a really ripped set of abs and skinny muscular legs. Later during a love scene, partial exhibition of her right ta-ta, scruffy muffy and her rock hard, jutting, Italian bread loaf of a fanny.

Lilli Carati
thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


I read in another review (elsewhere) that Carati had some explicit penetration scenes, but I have not seen any here..(maybe my version was edited)

00:12:00 Lilli adds some furry full-frontal flesh flashing to this scene with an equally-naked Gloria Guida when they're attacked by a group of horny fellers...

00:29:00 Lilli bares her breasts again whilst she gets changed... And there's that mime, again!

00:35:00 Mr. Mime gets a nice, if fleeting, look at Lilli's lollies when she takes her shirt off in front of him...

00:37:00 There's a whole lotta' gropin' goin' on in this fantastic full-frontal sequence with Gloria, two guys, and the mime...

00:55:00 Some more nice glimmers of globage during this topless make-out session...

00:57:00 Yet more tits and a hint of ass during this bedroom romp... Sure looks like rootin' tootin' bit of fun!

Orson-Welles was written on September 13, 2000

In bed with Gloria Guida then walking about the apartment.

A wonderful scene where Lili gets a little groove on with co-star Gloria Guida. Lili's nudity consists of nude shots of her body-to-body with Gloria then a great scene where she gets up and walks around the apartment totally nude. Great full-frontals!

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