Awakening of Gabriella, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Millar, Jeannie 2 Reviews
Kaminskaia, Anna 1 Review
Hannum, Taimie 1 Review
Featherly, Susan 3 Reviews
Craft, Crystal 1 Review

Awakening of Gabriella, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Ritter, Mark 1 Review
Monte, Paul Dion 1 Review
Galbraith, Ron 0 Reviews

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Jeannie Millar
scanman was written on March 22, 2002

Jeannie has 2 or 3 great nudescenes, full frontal.

Jeannie Millar's first nudescene is when she's havinf sex with a guy in front of Susan, who is doing a striptease for them. Some time later we see Jeannie getting out of a pool, again completely nude. Shortly after Jeannie and Susan are doing a lesbian scene in a bathtub. The scene is hot and has some extended oral sex from both ladies. It all seems pretty real!

superhero was written on September 16, 2002

Fully nude

This beautiful woman from Thailand shows her amazing body in a few scenes. -- Hair Down looking hot! Topless and ass and a few quick shots of her bush including twat and a pussy ring while with guy & while a nude woman is in the background - Nice full frontal look of wet body coming out of pool (with wet hair) Then showing ass and side view of breasts out of pool. - Then she has her hair up showing off her breasts and ass in a lesbian scene on the edge of the pool.

Anna Kaminskaia
scanman was written on March 22, 2002

She has 2 lesbian scenes with Susan.

New actress Anna Kaminskaia is Susan's maid and they have some serious sex in the garden. There's a lot of oral sex going on and Anna seems to enjoy it a lot. Again, both ladies show it all...

Taimie Hannum
scanman was written on March 22, 2002

Taimie Hannum is completely nude in 2 scenes.

First scene has Taimie stripping on stage together with Susan Featherly. Both actresses show it all. Second scene is a sex scene between Taimie and Susan's boyfriend. They have some steamy sex, but are being interupted by Susan. Both Taimie scenes are about 2 minutes.

Susan Featherly
scanman was written on March 22, 2002

About 9 or 10 nudescenes. A must see!

Gorgeous Susan Featherly has about 9 or 10 nudescenes in this movie.... all of them full frontal and even some explicit. First scene is after 5 seconds: Susan is taking a shower and we get close up views of all parts of her body. Second scene is a sex scene between her and a guy she picked up. Scene 3, 4 and 5 are all stripscenes. The third one has Susan stripping in front of Jeannie Millar and a guy, who are havinf sex at the same time. Next scene is a lesbian scene with Jeannie Millar in a bathtub. Especially the oral sex scenes look very real. Some time later Susan get's a massage and is full frontal again. Next scene is a lesbian scene in the bathtub with Anna Kaminskaia. The two woman have some serious oral sex sometime later in the garden. Again, everything looks pretty real. There are some legs open shots in this scene as well. The last scene is a 3 or 4 minutes scene with the male lead in the movie. They have sex and again it all seems pretty real.
All scenes are over 1 minute or even 2 minutes and as far as scenes in softcore movies get, they don't get any better than this!

Softcorrespondent was written on October 14, 2006

Whole Movie

Personally I think that this is Susans single best 'performance', she's actually a good actress, and her great body can be seen on show for most of this movie. her first Bedroom scene is hot, with great views of her breasts and bush, followed by a great Strip scene with Taimie Hannum, but quite possiblt the hottest scene in the movie occurs when Susan dances around while another couple are having sex in front of her, its a slow lingering strip with plenty of chance to see her great body. All in all an A+ recommendation for a really sexy movie and a really sexy actress.

moviestuff was written on October 29, 2003

alot of nude scenes

sex sex sex sexy

Crystal Craft
hitch22 was written on October 10, 2005

An awesome sex scene

Within the first five minutes of the movie, Crystal has her scene. Make sure you get the unrated version, it is a lot steamer of a scene than the rated version. She starts off standing and kissing a guy, then she removes her shirt. She then goes down on him, then removes her jeans and panties and shows us her ass. Then she sits on a conter while he goes down on her, then they make love. Then she gets off the counter from behind while moaning. She looks so incredibly hot and she has a smoking hot body. Minus one star for not really showing any bush.

Mark Ritter
Ozzie700 was written on February 17, 2003

Up from massage, sex

Salt-and-pepper looks as sexy as ever here (aside from the chest hair, which has never been his best trait), but there isn't a great deal of nudity from him. At one point he stands up after a massage and his shapely backside is visible for a second while he reaches for his robe. Later there's a sex scene with Susan with a few shots of his butt.

Paul Dion Monte
Ozzie700 was written on February 17, 2003

Caught in the act

Paul is the cousin of Frank and Sly Stallone, but he's much sexier and better looking to me. He has a muscular frame, but not enough to look menacing or overkill. At the start of the film, he plays Susan Featherly's fiance, and when she leaves his gas station, he begins having sex with another woman. There are several shots of his chiseled pecs, and one or two shots of his marble cheeks. The faces he makes while being pleasured orally are quite satisfying. Unfortunately, once Susan catches him and runs out, that's his last appearance in the movie.

Ron Galbraith

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