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Rebecca Hall
Ghostwords was written on November 15, 2011


Ms Hall plays a 1920s ghosthunter, who's brought in to investigate reports of paranormal activities at a boarding school. She's taking a bath, but begins to suspect she's being watched through a peephole she discovered earlier. Ms Hall quickly gets out of the water, but all we see is a blur of the right side of her upper torso (one for the freezeframe?). However, under the impression it may be a teacher she's attracted to, she drops the towel, and we see the side of her left breast (including nipple). Finally, she crouches by the peephole, but only displays her upper back to the camera.

Dominic West
Ghostwords was written on November 15, 2011


West plays a WW1 veteran working as a school teacher in 1921. We see him climb out of an old-style bath, showing us rear nudity and then his right side. He holds a towel in front, but you do see at least the partial silhouette of his genital area. One to confirm on DVD, I guess.

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