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Bank Robber's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

D'Abo, Olivia 2 Reviews
Bonet, Lisa 5 Reviews

Bank Robber's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McDonough, Stephen 0 Reviews
Dempsey, Patrick 2 Reviews

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Olivia D'Abo
thefaceman32 was written on October 9, 2003

Breasts - Cute

Although she is not quite as exited as Lisa was in her scene, she is definately cute.

00:17:00 Olivia shows off a quick shot or two of her tits when she gets out of bed and heads for the bathroom...

00:35:00 A dark, fleeting side-shot of Olivia's rack riding some dude in bed...
(sorry I was paying attention to Olivia and did not try to figure out who the "dude" was)

01:22:00 One more look at Olivia's langers getting laid...

Scrotum was written on October 5, 1999

olivia get nailed on the bed

a good shot of olivia getting the sh*t f*cked out her on the bed with others watching. She is on her back totaly naked and is getting pumped so hard her tits are flying all over the place. This movie is hard to find but well worth it

Lisa Bonet
thefaceman32 was written on October 9, 2003

Erect Nips (not explicit scene though)

Although Lisa's nips (most erect I have see for Lisa) are giving Farrah a runfor her money in this movie, despite the review below for Patrick I could not find any explicit exposure (or scene)
Although the scene is quite erotic and Lisa seems to be enjoying it (hence the erect nips) (So maybe they were going at it for real??)

00:49:00 Lisa shows off tons of T&A in this super-long, exceptionally sexy bangin'-in-the-bedroom sequence...

01:17:00 An encore glimpse at Bonet's boobs during another rather steamy bedroom encounter...

DBW was written on February 6, 2000

having sex

She looks really good but you only get short flashes of her breasts and a long view of her butt.

spudbud was written on August 6, 2000

Lisa Bonet having sex

Lisa Bonet is hot in this movie. While it is hard to see the sex scene, it is still good. She has sexy lips and a voice that matches. The movie itself is BAD but Lisa Bonet makes it worth a look. This movie is out of print but still can be found

MM was written on October 7, 1999

A prolonged sex scene

This one scene begins with Lisa laying on a bed on her stomach completely naked. Her lover comes into the room just wearing a towel and walks over to her. Standing right in front of her, he drops the towel, with IT (not shown) right in front of her face. The Scene cuts to her on top of him rocking back and forth and grinding into him as she lies back, displaying very perky nipples and, I think, a brief shadow of pubes. Really shows off her excellent breasts and rear end.

Fetus was written on May 7, 1999


Steamy sex scenes and nice graphic shoths of anything one can require.More or less.

Stephen McDonough
Patrick Dempsey
JJM was written on January 30, 1998

Shower scene

Shower scene

Samuel was written on January 18, 1999

Several butt shots in unrated version

You get your money's worth of Dempsey's butt in this one - he sure can't be called shy!! There are several shots of his very cute buns and lean bod in a very HOT sex scene with Lisa Bonet. Very explicit and great viewing!! There is also a brief shot of his ass in the shower later in the movie also very nice!! Miss at your peril!!

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