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year title
1969 Henry's Night In 0 Reviews
1968 The Bushwhacker 1 Review

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Henry's Night In (1969)
The Bushwhacker (1968)
Immy was written on March 9, 2012


Barbara and three others are stranded in the California desert after their plane is shot down. Rest of the movie details their trek to find help while fending off a desert-dwelling stalker. While she and busty brunette "Rita Roundheels" rest beneath a tree she undresses (0:25, topless, a little shadowy) and begins to massage Rita. Later while walking with pilot Dan Martin her left boob pops out of her blouse (1:16). Then when she confronts the title nutcase she doffs her top and then struggles on the ground with him (1:21). The unidentified "Rita Roundheels" (clearly not her actual name) has some extensive nudity as well.

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