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2009 Stricken 1 Review
2007 Hotel Paradijs 1 Review

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Stricken (2009)
donby was written on July 8, 2011

Several scenes throughout

Atsma shows himself rear, side & chest in several scenes. But the film steadfastly refuses to show a frontal.

Nevertheless, this actor, (great face & body) is quite a hunk. When he's on screen, it's hard to pay attention to anything else.

The story, of a wife battling breast cancer, is something of a downer.

Hotel Paradijs (2007)
McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

On top

Blonde Barry plays the older businessman Martin Kiefer lives with. At about 8 minutes into the movie he has a 30 second scene where he's topping Kiefer. The scene is shot from overhead, which means you get a decent but not great view view of his smooth, trim backside. The scene itself is good but the nudity and angles could have been better.

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