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Stephanie Hudson
dogbreath was written on February 7, 2000

A few nude scenes

Unrated version. While this actress is beautiful with a capital 'B', there is nothing really about her limited exposure in the movie that's very erotic. A short topless dancing scene, and two lovemaking scenes are very tame, and you don't get to enjoy her very long.

Antman was written on December 3, 1999

Two scenes

She is the beautiful blonde actress who plays Luna. (37 min) Breasts and brief lower frontal nudity stripping for one of the cavemen and the having sex with him in the jungle. (65 min) Breasts during the sex scene in the cockpit of the spaceship with Sara Bellomo, Tina Hollimon and the three cavemen. Unfortunately, she and the guy she pairs off with are behind the seats and we don't get to see as much of her as we do of the other two girls.

Tina Hollimon
RoodyPoo was written on February 8, 2000

The highly erotic scene of her and a muscular dude in a hut

This scene can be simply described as hot!!! Tina and some big guy go into his hut, and she proceeds to go down...down where? you know where. After that realistic scene, we see full frontal and then some, as she rides him reverse cowgirl style. The action looked pretty realistic. If you look closely it actually looks like penetration going on. It doesn't surprise me though, because I've seen this girl in porno and she goes by the name of Diva. Yaw better ask somebody!

Antman was written on December 3, 1999

Two good scenes

(31 min) Full frontal nudity in a lengthy erotic sex scene with the large caveman. Hot and sweaty action in lots of different positions. Definitely a quality softcore sex scene. (65 min) Full frontal nudity again during the group sex scene on the spaceship with Sara Bellomo, Stephanie Hudson and the three cavemen.

Sarah Bellomo
thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2003

Name correct ion

Hopefully the webmaster will be able to correct the names and create an AKA link.

This actress' name is Sarah Bellomo
AKA (Roxanne Blaze in some adult videos)

Sara Bellomo
Kyle8 was written on May 7, 2001

Rated version is a joke; gotta get unrated

I'd love to have seen more Sara Bellomo, but I saw the rated version. Do NOT rent/buy the rated version; the _trailer_ for the unrated film is more explicit (and hotter) than any part of the rated version. There's so much good stuff cut out, they had to repeat the same lame bikini dance scenes about 10 times throughout the movie (really) just to fill up a full 90 minutes of tape.

Antman was written on December 3, 1999

Several great scenes

(2 min) Nude whe she wakes up and meets one of the cavemen (because of the way she's sitting, all you can see in this scene are her breasts). (5 min) Full front and rear nude shots when she has sex with the caveman. Includes some surprisingly clear shots of her beaver when she squats over the guy's face. This is a long scene with plenty of simulated oral sex. (17 min) Topless in a scene with the caveman when she has simulated oral sex with a banana. (22 min) Fully nude again when she and the caveman have sex in the jungle. This is another long scene which shows the couple in several different postions. (65 min) Full frontal during the sex scene in the spaceship with Tina Hollimon, Stephanie Hudson and the three cavemen. Note: This is a review of the unrated version of this movie.

scanman was written on July 13, 2002

Several scenes, but she's a pornstar!

Sarah Bellomo has several hot nude/sex scenes in this movie, but it didn't turn me on because she's a pornstar. Sarah has done a lot of x-rated movies using her other alias 'Roxanne Blaze'. Pornstars doing softcore movies just doesn't do it for me.

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