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Jay Chandrasekhar

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Beerfest's Sexy Actors

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Candace Smith
wr135 was written on December 24, 2006

sex scene

i would give it four stars if not for the flashes of the fat girl. Jay chandreskar is picking up a chick when he is hammered. He pictures her as a supermodel when actually she is a whale. The good news is the hot model is naked. Great scene she is fine. Lots of other nudity in this movie as well

BushLeague was written on September 4, 2006

Drunken haze dream girl

Barry(Jay Chandrasekhar) gets shitfaced and thinks he's John Travolta. He picks up a beautiful black disco girl, Candace, and takes her home for some schtumping. Candace gives the longest female nude scene of the the movie with her almost perfect 36c/d tits in several jump cuts. When he sobers up, she ain't who we think it is (although we were tipped off that she may have been an drunken illusion!).

Sarah Figoten
Dudester was written on August 29, 2006

Momentary black and white flashback

Sarah's nude scene comes a little over an hour into this most excellent movie. Her small breasts are spilling out of a bodice while she rides some guy. The scene is filmed in grainy black and white as it's supposed to be a flashback. There's a lot of uncredited nudity in this T & A movie and I mention it here because I can't verify the actresses names. At just three minutes in, we see about six pairs of breasts in a chain reaction series of pratfalls. At 50 minutes in, a very beautiful black woman gives us well lit minute long looks at her firm C cups. She is well worth seeing. Then we see Sarah, and finally we see some truly excellent boobage from one of the drinking teams. The official DVD of this movie promises to be something special and will be worth it's price-if you are into nudity, comedy, and perhaps enjoy drinking games. Two stars for Sarah, four for the black gal, Three for the drinking team and gals in the tent in the beginning of the movie.

Jay Chandrasekhar
Hamm_Sodomy was written on March 16, 2007

Indian Booty!

I just hate when ppl note female nudity and then forget the male version. This film is revolutionary in two ways: 1) rarely do we see directors showing their nude bodies, and 2) rarely do we get to see naked, South Asian men. But Jay C. gives us booty here. First, he teases us with a sliver of ass while he is tricking as a male prostitute. Then he wakes up face-down nude next to a deer whose neck is bitten into. This scene may be influenced by the horsehead scene in "The Godfather." Jay C. has a nice, hairy chest, but I don't know if he reveals it in this film.

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