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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tomei, Marisa 9 Reviews

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Hoffman, Philip Seymour 1 Review
Hawke, Ethan 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Before the Devil Knows You're Dead member submitted

Marisa Tomei
mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2008

Actual breasts and ass cleavage... no body double!

The full title of the film is "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" (it was listed but it can't be found, probably due to the apostophe), but anyway this film delivers the good on Tomei skin. There are two good scenes in this film -- one at the opening of the film where she's being screwed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. This scene is shot from a side angle, but you can clearly see Tomei's face and tits as he pounds into her. Then when she and Hoffman are done and indulge in pillow talk, you can clearly see her pert tits with nice brown areolas.

But the piece de resistance is the second scene (which is also around the beginning of the movie), after she has sex with Ethan Hawke. She's sitting on the bed just in some skimpy black panties and her tits are seen for a good time in great lighting (she then gets off the bed and there's a close-up shot of her tits and some nice ass cleavage from the panties she's wearing), and her face is still in the same shot). It's pretty evident that Tomei is in great shape and looks even better than she did in "My Cousin Vinnie". Highly recommended.

razorhawg was written on December 19, 2007

Three Scenes

She has a terrific set of knockers!!!!
In the second scene about 15 minutes in to the movie she stands in great light and shows her very erect nipple and some small panties. This may be the movie you have been waiting for.

She has resisted the urge to have her breasts inflated to the size of basketballs and still looks great!

Her performance in the movie is also very nice. This should be on DVD in April of '08.

GuidoV was written on May 5, 2009

Wow, Finally We See Marisa's Tomei-Toes!

I didn't think we'd ever see Marisa topless but she makes up for lost time in this movie!

In one scene she's totally nude, on all fours in bed and getting vigorously pounded from behind by co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman. It looks real, but obviously not. I just can't imagine this guy showing up for "work" this day and getting to "pretend bang" Marisa Tomei from behind. You just know he got a good look everything back there!

Okay, back to the review... in another scene she's walks around in a room topless and you get really nice views of her nipples. Her breasts are on the small side but just seeing those nips... a dream come true.

She's done more nudity lately in The Wrestler, but this one has better lighting, plus you won't believe how she gets absolutely railed in that one scene. Never thought I'd see the day.


BigWoody was written on November 2, 2007

Multiple topless scenes

Marisa makes up for her brief and somewhat disappointing topless scene in Factotum with several longer and more impressive topless scenes in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Although she's 42 now, Marisa's tits still look incredibly great. Marisa gets my vote for the top nude scene of 2007.

fenix78 was written on August 10, 2008


Couple of scenes in here but i can only remember the one. She is standing topless in just black panties good scene lasts for quite a few seconds.

000 was written on December 30, 2011

Best doggy sex ever

The scene starts and we see Marisa Tomei and Stephan Seymour both naked on the bed. Marisa is in a doggy-style position and the man is holding her by the waist. Marisa is shown rocking her ass against the man’s crotch. The man then moves his hands away from her waist and gets close to her to focus more attention on the position, which makes Tomei a bit uncomfortable and she hides her face downward to break it. Now she begins to work with more power and clutches a pillow to support her hands and puts it over her head. Seymour looks at her reaction on the mirror and appreciates her effort by placing one hand on her shoulder. They spend some intimate time together and Marisa tries to break free of it by thrusting his private area hard and she succeeds as the man takes his face away from her. The man then stands on his knee again, grabs Marisa by her waist with both hands again and begins to make her slam her ass vigorously with his private area. The bed starts rocking and he locks Marisa tightly with her shoulder for extra force. Marisa breaks this monotony by screaming and gasping for air and finally she grabs another pillow to bury her head there to take rest before she gives a couple of final thrusts against Seymour’s crotch to make him happy. She then rests on the pillow and rubs her hair with hand as the man again comes close to her and she welcomes him for doing something new to her by manipulating his hair by her hand. But the man stops her from dong anything by grabbing both her hands and he goes to share his pleasure with her.
In the next scene, we see Seymour is laying on the bed naked with Marisa beside him, smiling and talking to her. Marisa listens and plays with his hand by her index finger. The man then looks at her and she eases herself by clutching a bunch of hair on her head and shrugging her shoulder. They share a stare down and she again makes her easy by placing her properly on the pillow. She smiles a bit, manipulates her hair again and touches the man’s arm as he embraces her. She starts talking to him and keeps her hands busy by rubbing his arm first, then chest and finally her own chest with the index finger. She then places her hand on his chest and they again share a stare for sometime. Marisa breaks free of it by looking asides and putting a huge smile on her face. She looks at him again but this time place her hand on his back. Now she puts both her hands on his hairy chest and rises up a little to change the previous monotonous position. She talks to him, bursts out in a smile, lays down again and puts her hand on her fore-head first and wipes her eyes a bits as she seems to have cried a bit. She again manipulates her hair, starts another smile, and comes towards the man to enjoy a hug from him as the scene ends.

noned was written on November 24, 2007

3 Nude Scenes

What a body! My little cousin Vinnie was a fully upright thru this whole movie

Kimiwebber was written on November 10, 2012

Hot Marissa

Scene 1 - Marissa is in doggy style position and she is grinding her ass against Philippe who is humping her from behind making her hanging boobs bounce. He is watching himself in a large mirror beside the bed. He really gets turned on and starts banging her really hard.

Scene 2- Marissa is topless and her great tits are in full view. She has amazing nipples.

thornhillsouthguy was written on December 24, 2013

overrated...and WHAT THIRD SCENE???

I just got a copy of this movie for the nudity and I have to say I am disappointed with these reviews. Don't get me wrong ; I love Marisa Tomei. But at best her nudity rates two stars.
The first scene when PSH bangs her from behind is dark. You can barely make out her tits, let alone her ass. that scene has MAYBE 40 seconds of decent nudity.
The second scene with Ethan Hawke is not sexual, where she belittles him, and has panties on the whole time.
And despite some reviews here, there is no third scene with her.
The whole movie has less than 3 minutes of nudity and half of that is in the dark. I give it two stars because it's Marisa but wonder why the reviewers here overestimate what is actually shown.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2008

Flabby ass in opening sex scene

Just added for completion, you can see the sides of Hoffman's flabby ass as he screws Marisa Tomei in the opening scene. It's clearly him, but it's very unattractive and even more vomit-inducing than Kathy Bates's scene in "About Schmidt".

Ethan Hawke
mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2008

Naked butt in post-sex scene

It's a scene near the beginning of the film, which takes place after his character and Marisa Tomei have sex. She's wearing only her panties and he's stark naked -- but laying on his stomach as she sits next to him. You can clearly see his face and the top and sides of his well-toned ass in clear lighting as Hawke and Tomei talk, but there's no full view of his sweet cheeks. It's probably on par with his nude scene in "Gattaca" -- revealing but being discreet at the same time (well, maybe his "Gattaca" scene was a bit more revealing). It's still nice, but show some more next time!

tushlover was written on March 12, 2008

Hawke's bare butt scene

What is it it with Hawke??? He is now somewhere in the 30-35 age range yet still won't give his fans a good view of his ass??? I can't help but think that his career would be even more successful if he had done it years ago [a la Leo DiCaprio and Pitt and other "sex symbols"] but he just won't do it. His butt scene in this movie is nothing but a tease. it has to be him making that decision, not the Director or Producer.

His ass is gonna shrivel from old age before he gives us a good look, I guess.

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