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Ben Affleck's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2010 Glory Daze 6 Reviews
2006 Hollywoodland 4 Reviews
2000 Reindeer Games 8 Reviews
2000 Bounce 2 Reviews

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Glory Daze (2010)
william_ge was written on July 10, 2006


made love, went at it, got it on, had sex, etc...

murray was written on September 20, 1998

love scene

Affleck's face is so nice I was surprised that his butt wasn't so impressive. You see him drop his pants and climb on top of a woman on a bed as the scene fades out. His ass is respectable & far from repulsive, but it left me scratching my chin. Oh well, I'm sure he'll show it off again.

yowza was written on September 12, 1999

Fading Butt Scene

The previous reviewer is right - Ben's butt is sort of flat and not attractive. To make matters worse, the film makers fade the scene out, so just if you pause as his butt comes into view, there is another shot superimposed underneath it to distract you. If you can stand the two pictures appearing at the same time long enough, you can see Ben's balls hanging between his legs after he spreads them apart.

Violet was written on February 6, 2001

Brief Sex Scene

Before Affleck was mainstream he made this charming film about college life and how he can't get over his first love. His character was rather annoying and his appearance was anything but sexy. But we are treated with a full ass shot as he removes his pants. We also see his (Saggy)balls through his legs as he bends down to remove his pants! What a treat, and a real rental moment, because now that he's famous it is doubtful he will do nude scenes again! The 2 second scene is definitely worth the rental price for those of us who adore Affleck.

moviestuff was written on August 10, 2003

brief ass in a sex scene

you see his cute juicy ass in a sex scene

affleck2005 was written on November 9, 2004

Love Scenc

Yeah..if you slow the movie down,you can see Ben's nuts thru his legs.He also has a nice ass,too.

Hollywoodland (2006)
Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007

(Partial rear) A peek at Ben's behind...

Towards the end of the film, a buff looking Affleck heads up to his room and droops his cloths, giving us a brief but close view of about a third of his plump little butt.

Guiseppe was written on September 16, 2007

I wish there were more exposure, Affleck

It's a shame there wasn't a full amount of exposure from the handsome Ben Affleck in this very well-made film. While disrobing, we get to see about 20% of his wholesome, round cheeks and the top of his crack as he's getting into bed. Throughout the film we see this same scene but with different angled shots. For instance, if it weren't for a chair obscuring the frame, we could clearly see a frontal shot from Ben and more cheekage. Also, heads up for the seocnd replaying of this scene. When Ben flops onto the bed dead, I swear it looks at though the tip of his penis flops into frame. Or maybe it was a cock sock. Who knows.

Derek was written on September 9, 2006

Removing robe

In two scenes designed to be a part of a replay of the same event, Affleck removes his robe and reveals his round butt. He is deliberately out of shape for the part, and the view is fairly brief, though it could easily have been edited out, so kudos to everyone for keeping it in.

tushlover was written on September 17, 2007

Afflick's nude scenes

I have never thought that this guy was attractive. This movie just re-enforces my opinion.

Reindeer Games (2000)
MarcioGore was written on January 13, 2012

Cute ass on sex scene

Like others people said,there're two versions of the movie.One is rated.There's a short scene in about 16 min of movie.He's making love with a Girl and he pull his pants and undies till his ankles(man I think that super sexy) so we can see very quickly his cute ass.In my opinion he's one of the most handsome actors of Hollywood.

skaterryan was written on March 5, 2000

hot buns

about 15 mins in, there's a HOT love scene between him and chralize theron. and he rips down his pants and undies and we get a nice, quck shot of his legs and ass.also, they're rolling around on the bedthen fall off and ben's on the bottom but it's too fast to be able to tell if you could see his little ben. his ass is worth it though.

wheble2299 was written on August 17, 2000

very brief butt

In the widescreen version of the DVD you get a 2 second look at Bens butt. You dont get to much other skin either which is a pity since Ben is a very nice looking guy

Ghostwords was written on January 20, 2013

Wild time

Circa 0:15:00, Affleck and Theron enter a hotel room and start having wild sex. As they roll about on the bed, he pulls his trousers and shorts down, and there is a very brief shot of full rear nudity (mostly the left buttock).

CharmedBoy was written on December 20, 2006

Depends on version

Well in the version I saw, I really saw nothing special..unfortunately

GDH was written on June 17, 2000

Backside (nice dimples!)

In the version of this film I have seen, we don't see Affleck remove his trousers, but we do get a close, but quick, view of his bum when he's on top of Charlize Theron.

ravenboy was written on September 19, 2002

Brief but very hot

I give the nudity two stars, but the beauty of Bens ass, and the sheer passion he brings to this scene is worth taking a look at. He's hot, and it shows.

Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Buns in sex scene

Not certain what version the other reviewers saw, but in what I saw the buns exposure was so quick it is almost subliminal. Given Affleck's high hunk quotient, the fact that they publicized this scene all over the place and that filmmakers had no problem with in depth shots of a naked Charlize Theron, this scene is a major disappointment.

Bounce (2000)
mikey2 was written on April 17, 2001

In gag reel on dvd only

I have seen the movie, but only the caps on the internet from the gag reel on the Bounce dvd, and boy does his ass look nice. It appears as though he's mooning the camera, if you were dissapointed by the bad Glory Daze scene or the too brief Reindeer Games scene, check this out.

moviestuff was written on September 8, 2003

gag real only

on the gag real you see his beautiful ass!

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