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Geoffrey Hutchings
dvdcollector was written on December 16, 2008

Sagging old butt in a thong

In the second series of this programme, Hutchings occasionally walks around a pool wearing a very revealing thong. The idea is to ridicule elderly persons trying to be overly sexy. As a result, his sagging bum is prominently displayed.

Jake Canuso
Inchantrika was written on May 4, 2012

Locked Out Naked From Shop.

In season 4 episode 6, Jake Canuso as Mateo is involved in a cheating situation and he gets what he deserves. His privates are shaved in not exactly a sweet way, by a rude cosmetics' shop assistant and then she locks him out of the shop in the buff by tricking him into thinking he was about to enter the showers. From the very first moment he leaves the shaving room inside the shop, we can see Canuso's tanned naked body and nice views of his ass, which we can see in motion later on when he realizes he can no longer get back to the shop and starts a runaway down the street, stealing a man's hat to cover in the process. After this, and if you wait a bit more into the episode when Madge is giving her thankful speech, he appears running at the beach still naked and chased by the owner of the hat and policemen. Impressive display of public nakedness which gets a 4 star mark in my opinion.

Nicholas Burns
dvdcollector was written on November 16, 2009

Tricked out of his clothes

In the second episode of the third series, he is talked into removing his underpants while swimming. His female companion then leaves the natural pool and removes his clothes. Nicholas Burns is then seen twice from behind. Good, but short, view of a nice butt.

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