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1984 House of God, The 2 Reviews
1981 Four Seasons 1 Review

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House of God, The (1984)
BaltimoreBob was written on February 20, 2000


The nudity here is brief -- Bess drops her medical top when she and otherdoctors are examining a corpse at a teaching hospital -- and her breastsare rather small. But considering that she apparently hasn't done any other nudescenes, and she's such a cute woman, it's definitely worth a look. Bess Armstrongranks high on my adorability scale.

Curmudgeon was written on February 1, 2003

Red panties with surgical cap and gloves

Interns Bess Armstrong and Richard Brestoff are about to perform their first real autopsy. They're nervous, and decide that seeing live flesh will help them get through the procedure, so Brestoff unties both their gowns' neck ties and the gowns drop to the floor. Armstrong is wearing red bikini undies (Brestoff's are the same color). Good view from the left 3/4 profile of Armstrong's natural breasts as they stand and discuss their competition for the most autopsies. Armstrong turns to her right for a scalpel and we see her bare back, plus butt in the red panties. The scene cuts to a closer view and we see them from the waist up as Armstrong prepares to cut into the corpse. Best view of Armstrong's left breast, but the right is obscured either by Armstrong's left arm or by the foot of the cadaver in the foreground.

Four Seasons (1981)
CV was written on July 13, 2000

Bess skinny dipping

You don't see much but you do get a clear shot of her bare butt as she dives under the water. You also get to see Bess in a nice white bikini as she sunbathes on a yacht.

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