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Jenny McCarthy
BuffaloBoy was written on June 2, 2002

All Jenny, All the Time

Miss October 1993 and PMOY for 1994. Jenny is one playmate that made it big outside of Playboy (at least for a while), hosting MTV's Singled Out and even having her own Sit-Com. This lovely blonde playmate appears nude for about 30-35 minutes of this 58 minute video. You'll get to see every inch of this beautiful woman. Full nudity.

Gordon was written on November 13, 1999


There's a reason that Jenny is one of the most popular Playmates ever, and in these clips sheshows us why. (Hint: It's not her personality.) If you like beautiful, sexy, voluptuous women, then you'll want to see this video. Some of my personal favorites are the cheerleader (talkabout a pep rally!) and graduation (more than the cap comes off!) shots.

StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

sexy Jenny

Jenny McCarthy is the very sexy former Playmate of The Year and co-host of Singled Out. In this collection of scenes, she is either fully nude or close to it for a full hour. Her big breasts, dark pubes and sexy butt (I love Jenny's butt, it's so cute) are visible for extended periods. I reccomend this as well as the Best Of videos for Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith.

[email protected] was written on February 27, 1999

every scene

this is a really good tape, every scene shows every part of jenny, but just get one they both have the same scenes except for maybe on or two.

Dasuperman29 was written on April 23, 2013



Dasuperman29 was written on April 23, 2013



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