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Beverly Lynne's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2010 Right to Bare All, The 1 Review
2007 Polycarp 1 Review
2006 Haunting Desires 1 Review
2006 Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires 0 Reviews
2006 Bikini Escort Company 2 Reviews
2005 Bikini Chain Gang 1 Review
2004 Tomb of the Werewolf 1 Review
2004 Kinky Sex Club 1 Review
2004 Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs. Dracula 1 Review
2004 Emmanuelle the Private Collection: The Sex Lives of Ghosts 0 Reviews
2004 Bikini a Go Go 4 Reviews
2003 Undercover Sex 0 Reviews
2003 Personals II: 2 Reviews
2003 Bare Sex 1 Review
2002 Vinyl Dolls 1 Review
2002 Sexy Urban Legends: Things That Go Bump In The Night 1 Review
2002 Perfectly Legal 3 Reviews
2002 Married People, Single Sex: The Return 1 Review
2002 Dangerous Invitations 2 Reviews
2002 Coven, The 1 Review

Beverly Lynne's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2010 Secret Lives 1 Review
2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 1 Review
2007 Sin City Diaries 1 Review
2007 Bewitched Housewives 1 Review
2006 Hotel Erotica Cabo 1 Review
2005 Sex Games Vegas 2 Reviews
2004 Black Tie Nights 9 Reviews
2002 Hotel Erotica 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Beverly Lynne member submitted

Secret Lives (2010)
McKinnon was written on June 11, 2011

Shower, couch, bed

Beverly has mousy brown hair here which is a bit distracting. She's the lead female, and her scenes involve Brendan Connor. The very first scenes have her getting out of bed (mostly breasts and backside). She's in the shower, which is a fairly clear frontal, when Connor joins her. He drives into her from front and behind, with the usual scenes of her crying out - mostly seen above the waist, with some more breast scenes when he's taking her from behind. This ends at about 4 minutes into the movie. From :32-:38 they get together in her living room. He pours and licks wine from her bare breasts, then he pulls down her panties and eats her out (you can't see much from the angle). She sits on him reverse cowgirl, then he's still behind her, standing up. There's a quick glimpse of her lower lips as they make their way to the couch, where he continues doggy style. The end shows the afterglow, when they quarrel and her bare breasts are shown (her lower half covered with a throw pillow). Around 1:10-1:17 is in her room, her bra removed (panties offcamera) then she goes onto the bed, Connor simulating oral again before getting on top of her. Then she's riding him, then she's on her side, for some close looks at her fully naked from the front.

Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on September 25, 2011

Photo shoot; ep: Flash Fantasy

In spite of being in so many different porn projects, Beverly believably plays a shy woman who is convinced to take off her clothes for a handsome photographer. She is topless and then lowers her jeans. She then initiates sex with him, first she simulates oral, then he takes her from behind against a makeup table.

Sin City Diaries (2007)
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Bed and balconly; ep: Portrait

Beverly has two sex scenes with Paul Gunn, one on a terrace/balcony, and then another in a hotel bedroom. The most interesting shot is probably a fairly close look at her pubis when she pulls her skirt down near the camera, but you've seen it all before, and in better lighting!

Bewitched Housewives (2007)
McKinnon was written on July 1, 2011


Beverly has an f/f encounter with Nicole Sheridan that starts about 6 or 7 minutes into the movie and lasts about 5 minutes. At about 26 to 28 minutes in she and Brad Bartram have sex on their bed - it's the usual positions, but the scene has some genuine sense of sweet sexuality. This goes on for about 5 minutes. At about 39 or 40 minutes in she zaps her blouse away after dinner party guests leave. From about 50 or so minutes to about 54 or 55 she slowly strips down to a white thong and gets on all fours on the couch as she masturbates to a video featuring uncredited Kennedy Johnston (I'm assuming this is stock footage from some other film). There are a few shots of her asleep on the couch, topless, as Brad Bartram and Rebecca Love get busy upstairs. At about an hour or so, she joins them, for a very fun and sexy threesome sequence that goes on for about 5 minutes. She and Love continue to be topless through the conversation for about 2 minutes after this.

Hotel Erotica Cabo (2006)
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Breasts; episode: Mighty Mike Returns

Beverly has a flashback sex scene and then one with Matt Wilde. This is mostly topless shots.

Sex Games Vegas (2005)
Ozzie700 was written on October 23, 2005

Hooker; Episode: The Price is Right

Beverly has a lead role in this episode as a hooker who tries to hide her profession from her hunky new boyfriend (who also turns out to be a hooker). She has several nude scenes - 1 with a john in a hotel room, one in the kitchen with her boyfriend, then one riding his lap, one where she lays on top of him in the bath, and finally on a bed. Her small breasts (which look a little fake in some scenes) are on display frequently, along with a shaved vaginal area and what I hope is a bad wig. Beverly is certainly well known but I must confess that she looks so emaciated here that I can't really see anything appealing about her. I gues her fans will enjoy.

Ozzie700 was written on December 6, 2005

Everything; Episode: For I Have Sinned

Beverly plays a showgirl who reunites with a priest she loves.

Beverly has several nude scenes in the episode. Breasts and full frontal while having sex in her dressing room. Fireplace sex with one man in a flashback scene (mainly breasts). Breasts, landing strip and quick rear end when she strips for a shower with a cop. And finally another sex scene outside with the ex-priest.

She's so skinny, you can see her ribs sticking out. I just don't think she looks that good.

Black Tie Nights (2004)
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Episode: Confessions in the Dark

Beverly is Glen's partner in the dating service (in the second season). One scene has her in 80's wear, with slutty type shoes and a short skirt, seducing a shy, nerdy guy. Breasts here, mainly. A later scene has her with a security guard. Her implants and her shaved pubis are briefly seen as he does her from behind, but not much is seen. Then at the end she has sex with Glen Meadows on the couch, and they show her implants and pussy lips again.

Ozzie700 was written on June 17, 2006

Fantasy; Episode: Mile High Club

In this episode Beverly gets a massage and fantasizes about the hot body of the stud who is rubbing her down. In the fantasy sex scene, you get to see her breasts and a brief glimpse of her rear, but pussy shots are avoided. When she's putting on her robe after her real massage is done, there's another quick shot of her breasts. I didn't get to see the last moment or so of the episode, so there may have been a bit more.

Ozzie700 was written on April 10, 2005

Full frontal; Episode: Date and Switch

Porn star Beverly, with her eggbeater-styled blonde hair and forceful personality, guests as Candy in the first episode of this Cinemax soft-core series. She only has one nude scene - when she flashes back to a recent boyfriend screwing her from behind on some kind of veranda, we see her breasts and snatch. She also appears in the first season's final episode, Something Wilder, but I'm not sure what she shows there.

McKinnon was written on April 11, 2012

Table sex; ep: Sensational

Beverly has sex with Glen Meadows next to and on top of an office table. This is a hot scene, which goes on for several minutes. The best part is probably the side closeup of his grinding into her from behind.

McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Fantasy and reality; ep: Pajama Club

Damian Raven fantasizes about sex with Beverly after she takes off her top in front of him. There are a lot of weird music effects and many closeups of her breasts in this scene, along with some very close looks at her dark landing strip, as her panties are removed, and as she is riding him. Later they have sex for real, mostly breast shots. This is intercut with another sex scene, which takes away a lot of the impact.

McKinnon was written on February 10, 2012

Copier copulation; ep: Dutch Treat

Early in this episode, Beverly has sex with a client at a talent agency. The actors have real chemistry, making this less formulaic than usual. The most memorable part is probably when he bends her over a copying machine and she takes some shots of her tits.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Bedtime; ep: Something Wilder

Beverly has a sex scene near the end of the episode. She's on a bed with a man and her top and bra are removed. They don't show a lot more than this.

McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Beach breasts; ep: In Good Hand

Beverly consummates her long-simmering relationship with Glen Meadows. They're in the grass near the beach. He hurriedly strips her and she rides him. This is mostly her breasts, and some glimpse of bush when she's on top of him, but the scene has a real urgency and steam, possibly due to the real life marriage between the actors.

McKinnon was written on November 8, 2013

Doctor's office; "Sexual Healing"

Lynne wants to go talk to a doctor friend about dating someone. During the exam, she opens her blouse so he can use the stethoscope. She isn't wearing a bra so you can see most of her breasts, including nipples. For medical kink people, or fans who like nudity but not the sex scenes, you might enjoy this.

Hotel Erotica (2002)
McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Everything; episode: X-Treme Sports

Beverly has multiple nude scenes, with full nudity, throughout the episode. She has a bed scene with Gian Keys which is mostly her breasts. Then she's in the shower and teases Gian - this has full frontal, and her ass, in good lighting. She goes out skinny dipping with a man and you can see her ass again, then her breasts as she straddles him back on land. You see her on all fours as he pounds her from behind, and then when they're standing up, a pan of her fully naked, head to legs. Finally she has sex with Gian in their bedroom - there's a closeup of her dark and very close shaved landing strip as he pulls her panties down.

McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Various; episode: Lust Takes a Holiday

Beverly spends most of the episode in terrible wigs. In a mermaid type wig, she has a sex scene with Glen Meadows, mostly just her breasts when she's riding him. There's another scene in his room where they're standing up and you get a slightly obscured full frontal view of her. Then on the bed, in the last sex scene there are some breast shots as she's on her back eating her out, and then she's on her side, with another obscured full frontal shot as he's behind her.

McKinnon was written on June 14, 2011

Narration gyration; episode: Talking Dirty

Beverly and Danny Pape are at a book conference and as we hear Kennedy Johnston reading from her smut book, Beverly and Danny are inspired and go off to what looks like a large laundry room. The scene is fairly tame even by softcore standards - you see him take off her bra, and touch her breasts as he stands behind her. Then she feigns giving him head (she's still in her panties) and then he takes her from behind, with only a side view. Throughout Kennedy continues to read.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Various; ep: Hot and Bothered

Beverly begins to lower her top and touch her breasts when she overhears Kelsey and Danny Pape having sex in the room on the other side of the wall. In a "trip" sequence in a hut, Glen Meadows repeatedly hallucinates her fully naked, laying down, Tina Lieu overseeing her. She's shown full frontal several times in lagoon sequences, with Pape, later Meadows, groping her, and Kelsey kissing her and licking her breasts. Later they all end up in a hot tub and Kelsey encourages her to stand up and show herself. Kelsey marvels over her "great ass" and they kiss and touch and both simulate cunnilingus (one sits on the edge...then in the next scene, the other does). Finally she and Glean Meadows have sex in their bed, mostly with her on top.

Right to Bare All, The (2010)
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011


Beverly is the star of this spy spoof and gamely makes her through a somewhat boring project. She has a sex scene with Nick Manning from about 7:45-12:50, with some awkward camera angles (at one point he's leaning off most of the bed - far away from the camera, and she's between his legs, barely visible), as they each take a turn at oral pleasure and the usual positions (missionary, doggy style). She has a shower sequence from about 14:30-17:30, standing and full frontal as she begins to masturbate, sitting, view obscured, as she finishes. 30:45-:41 has an f/f scene described under Brandin Rackley. :57-30-1:01 has a comical sex scene with Frankie Cullen where he eats her out, does her on all fours, etc. as she is bored out of her skull and can barely pretend to enjoy herself. 1:05-1:11 has an f/f scene with Ashley West that I described under Dena Kollar.

Polycarp (2007)
taurus was written on November 22, 2009

Interrupted sex

aka Kinky Killers. Brief full frontal but mostly tits at 26 when surprised during sex, then again at 1:03 during standing sex.

Haunting Desires (2006)
rbelkin was written on November 13, 2006

Nude, Nude, Sex, Sucking, Nude & Nude Some More

This is one the great new softcore classics. Everyone is pretty nude through out but in particular, but as usual, Beverly gives the best performance - she gives it her all and her appeal is that you're always convinced that she's just a suburban mom who just can't help herself ...

With a vampire: topless, breast stroking, serious breast sucking and "biting," he rips off her panties - she puts her legs up on his shoulders.

Kitchen on the Tiles: Nude throughout - brief FFN, close up breasts, topless, getting it from behind - sexy head resting on kitchen nook getting it from behind. Brightly lit.

With Vampire & Other Girl: Lots of striking, lesbian kisses, topless, licking, breast sucking from both, breast closeups, her legs up on other girl's shoulders, she licks and sucks other girls breasts while she gets it from behind - long sequence - over 7 minutes - later on , she has her panties on and her blouse - unbuttoned - both breasts peek out and back for another two minutes.

At a strip club, she is hynotized and pulled on stage, they pull off her dress - topless.

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)
Bikini Escort Company (2006)
rbelkin was written on November 13, 2006

Hot as Usual

During a photo session, she pulls on her blouse so her breasts poke out. She & this other girl spend a few minutes nipple rubbing each other - then they move into the bedroom for the threesome. While the other girl is videotaping, Beverly licks her breasts a few times - while she is totally nude, we only see her breasts.

rbelkin was written on November 13, 2006

Hot on the Pool Table

Along with the same girl (sorry didn't bother with her name as she's got big fake plastic boobs and leathery porn star plastic surgery looks). - they spend a long sequence on top of a pool table - spending time sucking on each other nipples, touching each other and eventually both nude - legs interlocked pleasuring each other.

I think there's also a scene with Beverly washing a car and eventually taking off her top and running it against the windshield.

Bikini Chain Gang (2005)
rbelkin was written on March 31, 2007

Prisoner of Love on Warden's Desk

As usual Beverly Lynne is willing to do whatever it takes - in this case, be handcuffed and stripped on the warden's desk. If you enjoy watching Beverly get licked by a guy, there's plenty of that here. She is quickly all nude but you really only see her breasts -the guy spends most of his time between her legs. Well lit. Another 5-minute scene.

Tomb of the Werewolf (2004)
Invader was written on November 30, 2004

she has two nude scenes

Several gals get naked in this film but the only attractive one (my judgment) is Lynne. Gorgeous face and fabulous body as mentioned by others. Her two nude sex scenes (second one the best if I recall) are easily the best thing in the film. But we only get the briefest clear look at her wonderful bottom, thanks to a hurried blur fade. Sometimes you wonder if these film makers forget what kind of movie they're making.

Kinky Sex Club (2004)
rbelkin was written on March 3, 2007

All Nude - Long Scenes - Only missing Better Closeups

Another fine movie from MAINLINE - no real plot to speak of. While called "Kinky Sex Club," there's hardly any real kinky sex and this "club" is more like a large house in Northridge masquerading as a hotel but when you have a relatively classy cast, that hardly matters. Unlike some other movies, the sex scenes in this movie tend to all be at least 5 minutes long with some running closer to 10 minutes and without random dissolves to other scenes. The only real complaint would no real closeups - everything is at a medium distance.

As usual, Beverly is not shy about doing it anywhere and feels completely comfortable all nude all the time. She has about a 6-minute scene on the bed with a guy - topless and then all nude but we see nothing between the legs. After finishing, she changes into a topless see through nightie (with a thong) and goes into the hallway.

Later on, she has a bedroom sex scene where on her side completely nude, we get long medium shot looks at her pubic region (cleanly shorn) - her lgs are always pressed tightly together - however, it is another long uninterrupted scene - about 7 minutes.

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs. Dracula (2004)
mister_t was written on November 28, 2008

Sex in bed

Bev is completely nude lying on a bed when the vampire is having sex with her. At first she is on her back, later she is on top. In the end the vampire bites her...
Nice scene with tits and pubic hair...

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: The Sex Lives of Ghosts (2004)
Bikini a Go Go (2004)
KevinM32 was written on July 21, 2009


Awesome solo masturbation scene of Beverly Lynne at - 0:32:00 to 0:34:00.

KevinM32 was written on July 21, 2009

Breasts & Nude

Beverly Lynne & Danny Pape get down to making love on the desk in her office. 0:45:00 to 0:49:00.

Alex263 was written on April 17, 2006


Not a bad self-masturbation scene here, for those of you who like that kind of thing. Unfortunately we don't get to see her lower lips…She has nice real boobs though, for those of you into that

Alex263 was written on April 17, 2006


This is a scene for those of you who like real nice boobs (B+), Beverly gets taken in an office by her boss (Pape), some great doggie style sex in this one

Undercover Sex (2003)
Personals II: (2003)
helmut was written on May 23, 2002

Various Scenes

Beverly plays the lead in the movie and is a great looking blonde. Her first scene is with her boyfriend who comes to bed and starts rubbing her. She simulates oral sex for him and then he turns her over and does her from behind. For what is supposedly her first sex scene ever she is awesome. She has another scene with a date on the couch that is pretty good. Shows off her breasts and legs. Another scene where she gets it from behind standing up and the last one is with a co-worker. Great body, great face and great nudity!

icebag2 was written on February 3, 2008

Inquiring reporter

The star of the film looks only OK at the start, but her girl-next-door beauty grows on you. Her first scene is right after the opening credits when her boyfriend comes back from a charter tour and gives Beverly a good morning kiss and, why not, a good morning boff. She has medium natural tits with a very nice shape, and a generous, shapely ass. You gotta love it. Her second nude scene is in the R-rated video tape, but not the Unrated DVD in which she is standing in front of a full-length mirror trying on clothes for her first on-line date – she’s mostly nude and showing us her extensive lingerie collection (the lingerie in this film is first-rate, by the way). She scores big on her second dating try and so do we. Four star nudity, especially shots of her shaven crotchal area that shows it all – really. Good sex, too. Next she takes home a date who wants to take her standing up against a wall and Beverly has no objection. By now you are really liking her body. Finally, she gets it on with Christopher, on his couch, in a scene that has less of a hooking up feel and more affection. She’s starkers in all her sex scenes but always keeps her heels on - a nice touch. This is a great breakout movie for a softcore star who is still going strong.

Bare Sex (2003)
rbelkin was written on October 27, 2006

Bland Nudity

Her scenes are pretty much in one section of the film - she is topless by the pool but goes off with her boyfriend to the cabana. They kiss, she takes off her bikini bottom, a long linger on her backside - then while standing, he buries his back between her legs so you get a sideview of her ass and her breasts - after a minute or so, he mounts her from behind - they switch to her sitting on him - another minute of her bouncing up & down - then she walks back completely, you see a little tuft of pubic hair.

She sits with her legs crossed - still topless. Not that interesting for Ms. Lynne as she does her best work when she's moaning ... Two other girls are also by the pool, the completely nude one (sorry, didn't catch her name but she has nice natural b-cups, you get a glimpse of her pubic region as she gets up, walks across and she and Beverly Lynn kiss for a solid :30 seconds - though no other touching).

Then later in the cabana, she has sex with the tattoed guy, she's on a bench laying prone. He spend the first 30-seconds licking and sucking on her breasts - then goes between her legs. He kneels and pulls her up - showing off her pubes - though clearly he's not really penetrating her - they simulate sex for a few minutes - the camera mostly featured on her. Then she sits on his lap - another minute of bouncing up & down.

This film is pretty ineptly directed - nudity but bland nudity and sex scenes seemingly in a rush to finish, not much real interaction and if you loath the skinny Lynne - then you might want to pass on this one.

Vinyl Dolls (2002)
rbelkin was written on October 27, 2006

Always Nice - Beverly Always Give It Her All

Sexy scene - the guy runs his hands across her chest and nipples, she begins to strip, he takes off her top - camera slow pans down her body a couple times as he pulls off her panties - he gets down between her legs - scene cuts back to her on top of bouncing up & down a bit focused on her natural breasts - they finish up. About a three minute sequence.

Sexy Urban Legends: Things That Go Bump In The Night (2002)
helmut was written on May 23, 2002

In bed with husband

Very explicit scene, you get to see everything Beverly Lynn has to offer. The guy wakes up and starts to run his hands all over Beverly. He quickly goes down to the lower regions and nothing is left to your imagination. Beverly seems to really get into this scene as she gets turned over and done from behind. A nice shot of her butt and then just him doing her hard for the rest of the scene. Even the sounds are good.

Perfectly Legal (2002)
Umpire was written on November 8, 2002

Sex Scene

I suspect that Helmut saw the R-rated version of this film. In the Unrated version, Beverly Lynne has a great scene. It starts out with her undressing (you see her in full, complete nudity), you see her walking around (still fully nude), and you see her in a great sex scene. As Helmu noted, though, it's disappointing that she only has the one scene.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

Office sex with Tony Menke

She gets fully naked but this girl is way too forgettable to get your attention. Plain, dime-a-dozen face but she gets points for the natural boobs...Her costar is very hot and they look decent together, even if he seems to be fumbling with rather than fondling her's cute in an endearing way but she doesn't reciprocate much in this scene.

helmut was written on August 10, 2002

Office sex

Dissapointing because she is hot! She has a great body and it went to waste. She stayed in the one position (on top) the entire time. Nice breasts though and she looked good in a thong!

Married People, Single Sex: The Return (2002)
rbelkin was written on November 13, 2006

Opening Credits Nudity & A Girl Thing Later On

Not her best work - she's with a guy during the opening credits - while she's all nude, all you really see are her breasts - you do see her changing positions from top to bottom to wheelbarrow.

later, she with another girl - they strip and are ebentually both nude and while they spend a lot of time caressing and rubbing up and down each other, there's more cuddling than sex - and while they are both topless, the shots and cuts are fleeting ... there's fingers stroking each other and while there are quick shots of Beverly between or near the other girls pubic region, she quickly pulls up and back to kissing her stomach. For Beverly, not much of a scene.

Dangerous Invitations (2002)
ndt531 was written on March 17, 2004

in all her lovescenes

well what can i say! she shows everything in this movie! ass, tits and even pussy lips to boot. she has no qualms in baring and as long as the movie is made by indigo entertainment, you gotta have it.

jake135 was written on March 13, 2014

the threesome

The scene is something which becomes very hot and steamy very quickly. As we know shauna o brien and beverly are modelling then they get straight to the sex. As there plenty nipple licking, the guy goes down on shauna licking her pussy then he moves on to a missionary position where beverly removes his trousers and begins to thrust. She seems to move a lot as hes going in her clearly making his presence felt in her. After they give a him a double blowjob as he seems to like. He then moves on to the voluptuous beverly as frantically thrusts her, shaunas bites her lips together as beverly gives her sexy moan

Coven, The (2002)
cecil was written on September 11, 2014

Bathing; In the Woods

At about 17 minutes she takes a bath, trying to remove a facial scar. She drops some magical potion items (looks like potpourri) in the bath, then climbs in topless. The scene lasts well over a minute, with great views of her breasts. Then at 38 minutes she and Brittany James are in the woods, both topless. Again good views. Then at about 66 minutes, she and Brittany James make out on a bed, but they only undress down to their bras. The outtakes at the end of the video repeat some goofs from her bath scene and standing in the woods.
BTW, her facial scar does disappear after bathing in the magical water, even though we never see her get her face wet with the magical water!

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