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year title
1997 Madam Savant 2 Reviews
1996 Night Shade 1 Review
1996 Masseuse 1 Review
1995 Where Evil Lies 1 Review
1995 Terminal Virus 1 Review
1995 Sinful Intrigue 2 Reviews
1995 Droid Gunner 1 Review

Bianca Rocilili's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Love Street 1 Review

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Love Street (1994)
Ozzie700 was written on April 24, 2003

Breasts; Episode: Grading on a Curve

Wearing the usual "hot librarian" clothes, Bianca lifts up her top to show her large breasts to Tim di Pri while on his couch.

Madam Savant (1997)
zax1 was written on July 9, 2001

Very beautiful girl!

Bianca plays Kira Reed's maid and when she cleans up in Kira's bedroom, Kira takes her and they have a really nice lesbian scene. Bianca's beautiful breasts are on full display most of the scene. Her pubic hair can be seen a couple of times. Bianca takes the man's part in the lovemaking so when Kira lies down on the bed, Bianca lifts her up and puts Kira on her lap. She also takes Kira from behind in the bathtub. When the scene ends there's a great, close view of Bianca's beautiful thighs, and the camera moves up to her crotch and beautiful hips, to her beautiful stomach, to her beautiful breasts and finally to her beautiful face. Damn, she's so beautiful all over! At the end of the movie she and Kira have sex with to guys in the same room. Bianca is on the bed with her guy and lies down on the bed as he lifts her body and thrusts in her. Her breasts and pubics can be seen, and she's on top in a couple of seconds before the scene ends. Biana is beautiful, but she could've had a couple of more scenes.

dogbreath was written on February 21, 2000

2 scenes

Unrated version. Because of her unbelievable body, I almost gave these scenes a 3. But the terrible editing of the sex scenes in this film almost ruin them. The first scene, Bianca and Kira Reed strip down for some lezbo-lovin' on the bed (with flashes of them in a hot-tub intermingled in). A couple of nice side nude shots as she leans back on the bed--but the camera jumps between views so quickly you almost get airsick. Second scene, Bianca and Kira bring back two dudes to their hotel room. One nice shot of Bianca on her back up-thrusting the guy, a millisecond shot of her on top, and a couple of nice views of her glorious breasts. But all the potential for heat is wasted here, with ridiculous camera jumping, and overall poor editing. Don't bother unless you are obsessed with Bianca.

Night Shade (1996)
dogbreath was written on December 30, 1999

2 brief dance sequences

Bianca has a very minor role in this flick. In one scene, she's dressed as a dominatrix (no nudity)and briefly cavorts on stage with Nikki Fritz. In the other short dance scene, you only get a brief view of her breasts, front and from the side.

Masseuse (1996)
Cyclone was written on December 23, 1999

Topless after massage

Bianca has a brief but beautiful topless scene near the end of the movie. We get treated to a very clear shot of her wonderful breasts, but it was disappointing that the scene didn't last longer.

Where Evil Lies (1995)
dogbreath was written on December 21, 1999

Dancing Queen

Unrated version. Bianca plays an exotic dancer (what a stretch!) She has a fairly long dance sequence about 20 minutes in that is very good. A strip-tease pole dance, first in a tini-bikini quickly to topless. The woman's body is unreal, and you get plenty of nice views from a variety of angles. Her athleticism and flexibility-yowsa-this woman knows how to move, baby!

Terminal Virus (1995)
Antman was written on November 20, 1999

Topless seen on TV monitor

Around 40 minutes into the movie, she is shown topless supposedly in a porno movie on a television monitor. A nude scene of only marginal quality.

Sinful Intrigue (1995)
Immy was written on May 8, 2007

Nude (0:21)

Bianca is first seen as Pia Reyes is showing Beckie Mullen around her house. She's nude (the girl on the left) getting friendly with Chona Jason in a hot tub. Later on she's seen topless again in a hot tub (0:47) in a scene that features at least a half-dozen other topless babes.

crazy was written on January 15, 2000

nice looking.....

that is if you can find out who she is. Credited as 'hispanic girl'. I really wish the credits would have done a better job and the movie had given some of these topless 'extras' in the hot tub a speaking part.

Droid Gunner (1995)
Immy was written on April 19, 2009


Bianca's shares her scenes with three other Pleasure Droids in this Fred Olen Ray space flick. We're introduced to them as they lay topless in lingerie in a small room (0:09, Bianca's the last one we see, wearing blue). Later when Matthias Hues has them in his spaceship they all try to turn him on by exposing their boobs (0:13, topless, 2nd from the left).

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