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1979 Twice A Woman 1 Review
1971 Touch, The 3 Reviews

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Twice A Woman (1979)
Videoass was written on May 1, 2001

One topless scene

In the start of the movie she meet another girl, and take her home. Then they decided to make love and Bibi take off her bra and walk to the bed.

Touch, The (1971)
damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 25, 2001

2 scenes

The first scene has her talking about her physical shortcomings while we get a glimpse here and there of her breasts. The second has her lover pulling her top away. A very nice pair, terrific nipples--the lucky bastard even gets to lick one briefly. Very dreary atmosphere (and in the first scene, dreary dialogue) hampers the overall effect.

sonicinmobius was written on July 10, 2006

Two scenes

Not much to add. A few fleeting glimpses of her very nice breasts around twenty eight minutes in, then a slightly better view around the fifty-one minute mark as a guy takes off her top and kisses her breasts.

7th_Victim was written on March 28, 1999

Bibi's chest

A nice look at Bibi's breasts in a love scene. Nothing too special - the breasts are super, but the scene, like the rest of this poor Bergman film, is a dud.

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