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Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet's Sexy Actors

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McKinnon was written on July 21, 2011

Partners and positions with Nguyen

Syren and Christine Nguyen both need men and all of their sex scenes are together. The first scene, which goes from around :27-:32, is the hottest scene in the movie, and one of the most passionate f/f scenes I've seen in softcore in recent years. They really throw themselves into the scene and the chemistry takes away from how formulaic these trysts usually come across. Syren's breasts also look beautiful - probably better than I've seen them anywhere else in these movies. They have a threesome with Antoine Boisvert/Voodoo from about :40-:43, with Nicole Sheridan watching, but the scene is poorly filmed and you won't get very much out of it. They have one last scene from about 1:03-1:07, where they're having sex with Voodoo and Evan Stone; halfway through Syren and Christine start kissing and touching while both men are taking them from behind.

Nicole Sheridan
McKinnon was written on July 21, 2011


Nicole has a bedroom scene from about :3-:8 with Voodoo. It's her best scene in the movie, as it's the only one where she has some energy. Another scene, from about :15-:20, is mostly spent with her back on Brad Bartram's desk. This one seems a little lifeless. From :41-:43 she watches Syren, Christine, and Voodoo having a threeway, and makes her way onto the bed, taking off her top and bra and masturbating through her jeans. This sounds a lot better than it plays. She seems kind of fake throughout and it's impossible to get involved.

Christine Nguyen
Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 12, 2007


This is an Asian chick who is seen in straight and girl-on-girl action here. She has nice body and face: if you like women, you'll like her. The stupid thing is that another character calls her "a foreign exchange student from Sweden" when she clearly looks Asian. Why couldn't she be "a foreign exchange student from Vietnam"?

Rebecca Love
McKinnon was written on July 21, 2011


Rebecca just shows her breasts, in a supporting role as the ruler of her planet. Her scenes are around :8-:10, :12, and :50-:51.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 12, 2007

Queen Amydala imitation

This must be a spoof on Natalie Portman's Queen Amydala. She is a queen who has her huge breasts exposed. You never see her butt, if I remember correctly. These breasts were probably bought, rather than homegrown. Still, if you like big, round breasts, you might as well peep hers.

Michelle Lay
McKinnon was written on July 21, 2011

Scene with Evan Stone

Michelle gives a very fun performance as a horny 4H teacher. She only has one sex scene in the movie. From about :54-:58 she and Evan Stone are in an encounter mostly played for laughs, and exaggerated reactions. The best part is when he pulls off her panties in closeup, which I didn't really expect in this type of movie.

Evan Stone
Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 12, 2007

quick, oblique butt

As his character moves his female sexual partner from a couch to the floor, you can briefly see his butt. You may have to use your slow-play button. Like many a heteropatriarchal flick, this has lots of female nudity and only a hint of male nudity. Still, if you love Evan Stone's chin dimple and long hair, you'll want to see him in this. It did make me want to see more of his adult scenes.

Brad Bartram
Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 12, 2007

brief, oblique butt

This movie tries its hardest to have as little male nudity as possible, though it's filled with female nudity. You can see this guy's butt once and quickly, though the nudity of his female sexual partner is all over the place. If erotic scenes where professors get down with (adult-age) students turns you on, you may want to see this.

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