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2000 Naked News 1 Review

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Naked News (2000)
PubicHairandNipples was written on June 13, 2008

Full Frontal Nude News Anchor

Billy as a very attractive, young newscaster who joined the team towards the end. He looks in his early-mid twenties. He has a boyish, fresh slightly innocent face (shades of Michael Owen?) and a relaxed friendly style. The producers clearly realised that the largely gay audience would be very keen on seeing Billy naked, and it's a real pleasure, on the archives, to see him nude wearing just a big smile!

More often than not, Billy is nude from the start - sometimes just in underwear, which is a good tease. The shots that just show his upper half are good - for he can be very proud of it. He is slim and smooth and spotless. It's a perfect body. His nipples are medium and dark pink and the centres are often erect. As he smilingly gives us travel ideas, we try and listen, but are hypnotized by this nude guy in the studio. Billy's penis is medium size and always soft; his balls look rather low-hanging. His pubic hair is mid brown, and maybe just a bit too trimmed - a more defined bush would look better. Only reason I don't give 4 stars is because we could do with seeing his penis move about, and maybe vary slightly in size. But he looks great and must have made lots of viewers very happy.

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