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Rowe, Brad 4 Reviews
Giovinazzo, Carmine 2 Reviews

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Brad Rowe
MSB was written on July 1, 1999

interrupted while getting dressed

Only a brief shot of Brad's ASS, but this guy is GORGEOUS!!!!

moviedoctor was written on January 5, 2005

walked in on in changing room

Sean P. Hayes accidentally walks in on Rowe while he's changing into his bathing suit. If Rowe turned around any slower this scene would get 4 stars; just the same, even though he does a quick about face, we see his lean, firm, young guy ass in all its glory. Boy, would I love to massage that butt......

Sean Hayes was written on January 16, 1999

butt shot

VERY brief rear shot as a bathroom door is opened, though Brad is nearly nude throughout much of the movie.

sami76 was written on July 14, 2003

butt shot

butt shot

Carmine Giovinazzo
Mattg was written on March 29, 2001

Nice butt shot

Contrary to another reviewer, this guy is very cute (his character may be a bit of a pig, but he's got charm, and George falls for him). We meet him peeing over the side of the boat, and his butt is amazingly cute.

bmg was written on January 8, 2000


Slob shows a surprisingly good butt on his boat in good light.

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