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Debbie Farrington
muckster was written on February 24, 2007

Snatched from her bed at midnight

The Black Panther is a painstakingly accurate dramatisation of the notorious British kidnapping case of the early seventies. It's a simple but highly compelling account of ex-military family man Donald Neilson's murderous post office robberies, and how his scheme of kidnapping a girl from a wealthy family ended in tragedy.

The scene we are interested in comes as Neilson enters the bedroom of his sixteen year old victim Lesley Whittle to find her sleeping naked, and points a shotgun in her face. This seems gratuitous, but it's how it actually happened. Debbie's breasts and belly are exposed as the blankets are pulled down, followed by a nicely plump bottom as she gets out of bed, and as she puts on her dressing gown there's a brief but clear full-frontal showing a glorious thick black bush. She's taken by the Panther to be secured in his chosen hideaway, a narrow platform inside a deep vertical storm drain. We see another glimpse of breasts as she's forced to remove her dressing gown and is bundled naked into a sleeping bag with a noose around her neck, but that's just too harrowing to enjoy.

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