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Wyote, Kylie 1 Review
Wright, Jerilyn 1 Review
Wells, Julian 1 Review
Vallese, Rochelle 1 Review
Sheffield, Tamie 1 Review
Scott, Amberly 1 Review
Scott, Alicin 1 Review
Sasaki, Nikoe 1 Review
Roxetta 1 Review
Rossler, Daniela Jean 1 Review
Rios, Diana 1 Review
Pomidoro, Kitt 1 Review
Patrick, Christy 1 Review
Page, Ander 1 Review
Nguyen, Christine 1 Review
Mendez, Giselle 0 Reviews
Madison, Elina 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 9 Reviews
Lynn, Jamie 1 Review
Love, Shy 1 Review
Lori, Selena 1 Review
Lindsay, Amy 7 Reviews
Lemelle, Tanya 1 Review
Lee, Avena 1 Review
Lane, Sunny 1 Review
Krell, Melody 1 Review
Keijser, Tracy 1 Review
Humphris, Symone 1 Review
Hemison, Bobbie 1 Review
Harper, Bobbi 1 Review
Green, Jill 1 Review
Gonzalez, Carrie 1 Review
France, Amber 1 Review
Fisher, Kimberly 1 Review
Fires, Ashley 1 Review
Dee, Jenna 1 Review
Davies, Angela 2 Reviews
Courtland, Cassie 1 Review
Chandler, Chelsea 1 Review
Burns, Kelly 2 Reviews
Bolton, Tiffany 4 Reviews
Blake, Sarah 1 Review
Aria 1 Review
Angelina, Eva 1 Review

Black Tie Nights' Sexy Actors

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Weiler, Mark 2 Reviews
Stone, Tom 1 Review
Richards, Hoyt 2 Reviews
Reynolds, Sean 1 Review
Pape, Danny 1 Review
Nabors, Allen 1 Review
Mercuri, Frank 2 Reviews
Medina, Hugo 1 Review
Meadows, Glen 1 Review
Landry, Collier 2 Reviews
Hopper, Andy 2 Reviews
Harper, Frank 1 Review
Finn, Tyler 1 Review
Dorado, Drake 1 Review
Dion, Christian 0 Reviews
Cullen, Frankie 1 Review
Collinson, Shankura 1 Review
Chappell, Billy 0 Reviews
Cannon, Clayton 1 Review
Blevins, Ronnie Gene 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review
Anderson, Daniel 1 Review
Allen, Marc 1 Review
Allan, Marc 0 Reviews

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Kylie Wyote
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Various; ep: Mile High Club

Credited as Belinda Gavin, Kylie has a hot f/f scene with Jamie Lynn, mostly showing her breasts, as she spends most of the scene kissing Lynn, feigning cunnilingus, standing behind her in the pool and groping her. She has cherry red aereola which really stand out. Toward the end of the episode she has sex with Glen Meadows in an airplane bathroom, mostly side views, and some closeups of her tits. The editing is too jumpy but the scene builds up some good sex appeal.

Jerilyn Wright
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Couch copulation; ep: Pajama Club

Jerilyn is a trim woman, with what looks to be red hair from a bottle, and a sensuality which merited more than her brief role in this episode. She has sex with Hugo Medina while they are on a couch. Some obscured views as he lowers her panties, then very closer views of her small tits and her mostly bare pussy as he is kneeling behind her for some backdoor.

Julian Wells
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Two scenes episode Internal Affairs

Credited as Catherine Sexton Julian has a scene early in the episode with Noah Frank where he takes her from behind and her breasts are mostly shown In a later scene in a freight elevator with Brad Bartram she is jostled around at various angles and more is seen including a brief glimpse of her lower lips as Brad takes her from behind

Rochelle Vallese
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Breasts; episode: Sex Sense

Credited as Rochelle Renee, she has two sex scenes with Frank Mercuri. Most just feature her medium-sized but firm breasts, although the first scene has several glimpses of her ass when she is doing reverse cowgirl.

Tamie Sheffield
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Sex; episode: Luck be a Lady

Tamie tells a story about her college flirtation with her best friend, leading to sex against the table. Mostly her breasts are shown, the rest is obscured by the table or by the man's head or body. In a final scene, she and Ronnie Gene Blevins have sex in her hotel room. Again mostly her breasts, with a quick shot of her rear as she's riding Ronnie.

Amberly Scott
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Dodo diddling; ep: Sexperience

Amberly looks a little like one of the "Real Housewives" from the East Coast. She flashes back to when she faked an orgasm with Tom Stone, all because she was distracted by her dodo studies. He takes off her bra, then panties, exposing her large B cups. She's on her side, her dark landing strip visible even with awkward position. The scene isn't that well lit and is lazily done, as they mostly just have the usual positions, such as missionary, in a strange camera angle which shows little of either of them.

Alicin Scott
McKinnon was written on April 11, 2012

Various; ep: Sensational

This seems to be Alicin's only credit, but she has a nice body, including a shapely bottom and small, natural breasts. Her first sex scene has her standing up, being stripped down to bra and thong underwear, then naked on the desk, sitting up and on her back, tan lines visible. Next she is in the chair, riding her boyfriend in reverse, facing the camera (she keeps her legs tightly together so you can't see a lot). Another sex scene, with Frank Harper, has her sitting on his lap from a side view, then she's laying on her side and he's behind her - again her legs are closed tight.

Nikoe Sasaki
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Breasts; Episode: Confessions in the Dark

Nikoe is on top of a tied up Glen Meadows. She's blonde and wears a t-shirt and black panties. Then we see her small breasts as she's on top of Glen. Not much of a shot that flatters her here.

McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Couch sex; ep: Candi Hearts

Redheaded Roxetta, in a brief foray from hardcore porn, plays a ditz who seduces a date helping her with her finances. She strips down to an old fashioned blue brassiere, and then just her implants. She's shown riding the guy, and doing doggy style. The scene feels canned and lacks heat.

Daniela Jean Rossler
xxzz was written on May 12, 2008

Rare Softcore Scene

Daniela Jean Rossler made her living doing parts in soap operas, TV shows, TV commericals, bit parts in mainstream movies, and modeling. She is a red-haired beauty who is as cute as they come. Somehow she ends up in Black Tie Nights, a rather hard softcore TV cable series. Daniela appears on Disc 3, Episode 10 in an episode titled "The Legend" starring porn horn-dog Ron Jeremy. This edisode's premise is to find Ron a woman who truly wants sex from him as a person rather than having an adventure with a porn star legend. Comely Daniela hooks up with Jeremy simply because he IS a porn star with a huge dick. As Daniela climbs upon his lap, Ron's alter ego is sitting in a chair conversing with the ego Ron. Daniela, meanwhile, takes off her top, takes off her red bra and Ron Jeremy begins his sexing. Upon seeing her natural c-cup breasts with rosey nipples, he exclaims, "Oh, those are nice". Whereupon he grabs her tits for a deep, full squeeze and then he sucks with great vigor on her luscious boobs. When he releases her tit from his mouth her nipple is very erect and bright red. Jeremy squezzes and sucks on her tits some more and then kisses her with his very long tongue. All the while, Ron's alter ego critizes his appearance ("Ron you've got to lose weight", "You're so hairy Big Foot is looking for you") and Daniela grinds with joy on Ron's croutch. The negitive aspect of Daniela's scene is she keeps her skirt on the whole time. Otherwise, this cutie, in her one softcore scene, is not only ravished by hedgehog Ron Jeremy, but her joy and enthusiasm in having her tits felt and sucked is quite worthwhile.

Diana Rios
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Partner sex episode Internal Affairs

Diana an exotic beauty shows her natural B cups in a very repetitive sex scene with Shankura Collinson - he's on top of her she rides him over and over

Kitt Pomidoro
McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Bathroom; ep: In Good Hands

Kitt has a very natural appeal, not with slightly sharp brunette features, small but firm breasts, and a nice rump. She and Glen Meadows have sex in a bathroom, mostly with her moving into various positions in front of a mirror. The hottest scene is a closeup of when he removes her black panties and leaves her with just her garter belt.

Christy Patrick
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Various; episode: Sexperience

Christy first walks out onto a porn set, with a well lit view of her large breasts and shaved snatch. Glen Meadows fantasizes about kissing her breasts, with a closeup of her ass in the process, and another as she goes down on him at poolside. She sits on his lap as they do some bobbing. After this ends, she has a date with Tyler Finn, who imagines her with whipped cream covering her breasts and pussy, then she rubs her left breast. She has a sexy, husky voice, which she uses to good effect in the next scene, where she psychanalyzes him while she slowly strips down to her bra and jean shorts, then begins to undress him. He strips her (with close shots of her T and A), then climbs on top of her, in more positions with somewhat poor camera angles as they do missionary and doggy style. This scene still has a lot of heat to it as he seems to really give it to her and they enjoy each other. This ends with more talking and finally her sitting on his lap, with a dark, obscured frontal, and a closeup of her bouncing boobs.

Ander Page
McKinnon was written on July 13, 2011

Photo shoot tease; ep: Date and Switch

Ander Page tries, unsuccessfully, to seduce a photographer. During the photo shoot, there are several good looks at her fully naked, and lots of close-ups of her ruby red lips (on her face) as she tries to work her wiles.

Christine Nguyen
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Kitchen, pool; Episode: Competitive Juices

Christine has sex with Frank Mercuri, in 2 scenes. The first is the kitchen counter and has some nice glimpses of her medium-sized implants and her firm heart-shaped ass. The second is poolside, and shows her breasts again.

Giselle Mendez
Elina Madison
McKinnon was written on July 13, 2011

Boat sex; ep: Date and Switch

Elina is fixed up with the male lead in the episode and they have split-screen sex in a boat cabin. Her very small, flat breasts are shown several times as he begins kissing her and is on top of her, and there is a short glimpse at her trimmed, light brown/red bush.

Beverly Lynne
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Episode: Confessions in the Dark

Beverly is Glen's partner in the dating service (in the second season). One scene has her in 80's wear, with slutty type shoes and a short skirt, seducing a shy, nerdy guy. Breasts here, mainly. A later scene has her with a security guard. Her implants and her shaved pubis are briefly seen as he does her from behind, but not much is seen. Then at the end she has sex with Glen Meadows on the couch, and they show her implants and pussy lips again.

Ozzie700 was written on June 17, 2006

Fantasy; Episode: Mile High Club

In this episode Beverly gets a massage and fantasizes about the hot body of the stud who is rubbing her down. In the fantasy sex scene, you get to see her breasts and a brief glimpse of her rear, but pussy shots are avoided. When she's putting on her robe after her real massage is done, there's another quick shot of her breasts. I didn't get to see the last moment or so of the episode, so there may have been a bit more.

Ozzie700 was written on April 10, 2005

Full frontal; Episode: Date and Switch

Porn star Beverly, with her eggbeater-styled blonde hair and forceful personality, guests as Candy in the first episode of this Cinemax soft-core series. She only has one nude scene - when she flashes back to a recent boyfriend screwing her from behind on some kind of veranda, we see her breasts and snatch. She also appears in the first season's final episode, Something Wilder, but I'm not sure what she shows there.

McKinnon was written on April 11, 2012

Table sex; ep: Sensational

Beverly has sex with Glen Meadows next to and on top of an office table. This is a hot scene, which goes on for several minutes. The best part is probably the side closeup of his grinding into her from behind.

McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Fantasy and reality; ep: Pajama Club

Damian Raven fantasizes about sex with Beverly after she takes off her top in front of him. There are a lot of weird music effects and many closeups of her breasts in this scene, along with some very close looks at her dark landing strip, as her panties are removed, and as she is riding him. Later they have sex for real, mostly breast shots. This is intercut with another sex scene, which takes away a lot of the impact.

McKinnon was written on February 10, 2012

Copier copulation; ep: Dutch Treat

Early in this episode, Beverly has sex with a client at a talent agency. The actors have real chemistry, making this less formulaic than usual. The most memorable part is probably when he bends her over a copying machine and she takes some shots of her tits.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Bedtime; ep: Something Wilder

Beverly has a sex scene near the end of the episode. She's on a bed with a man and her top and bra are removed. They don't show a lot more than this.

McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Beach breasts; ep: In Good Hand

Beverly consummates her long-simmering relationship with Glen Meadows. They're in the grass near the beach. He hurriedly strips her and she rides him. This is mostly her breasts, and some glimpse of bush when she's on top of him, but the scene has a real urgency and steam, possibly due to the real life marriage between the actors.

McKinnon was written on November 8, 2013

Doctor's office; "Sexual Healing"

Lynne wants to go talk to a doctor friend about dating someone. During the exam, she opens her blouse so he can use the stethoscope. She isn't wearing a bra so you can see most of her breasts, including nipples. For medical kink people, or fans who like nudity but not the sex scenes, you might enjoy this.

Jamie Lynn
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Sapphic splashing; ep: Mile High Club

At poolside, Jamie takes off her top, showing a good view of her natural, hanging D cups. She slips off her green bikini bottoms, but this is a side, obscured view. She and Kylie Wyote begin kissing, feasting on each other's breasts, then Kylie goes down on her, stands behind her, biting her ear and groping her body. This is a very believable, arousing sequence.

Shy Love
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Shower sex; ep: Candi Hearts

Porn star Shy Love, sporting what seem to be distracting veneers, appears here with Danny Pape. They have a very satisfying shower scene - full frontal of Shy as Danny decides to join, along with scenes of her pressed against the glass wall, closeups of her shapely rear as he goes down on her and thrusts into her.

Selena Lori
McKinnon was written on April 22, 2011

Breasts; episode: Girl on page 19

Perky redhead Selena plays twin sisters, both of whom have sex with Mark Weiler. Both scenes are very limited in scope and mostly just show her small, natural breasts.

Amy Lindsay
McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011

Hot tub; ep: The Legend

Amy shows her breasts in a hot tub sex scene.

McKinnon was written on May 5, 2011

Against window episode Makeover

Amy was one of the female leads in the first season - a pretty blonde with a natural body She often fantasized about her dead husband In this episode you see her breasts several times as he takes her against her office window

McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

Bedtime fun; episode: Love is Blind

Amy's character finally manages to shake off the memory of her husband and has sex with a suitor who gave her a good massage. During her bed scene, you get some good views of her breasts (mostly when she's riding him) as well as a glimpse of her pubis area.

McKinnon was written on July 13, 2011

Anniversary; ep: Date and Switch

Early in the first episode, Amy toasts her anniversary and remembers sex with her husband. They're beside a fireplace. First you see side nudity, then a brief full frontal glimpse before he climbs on top of her. It's a sexy scene.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Date flashback; ep: Whose Thong Is it Anyway?

A phone call makes Amy remember her tryst with her boyfriend. A side view of her breasts before he gets on top of her, then some looks at her breasts and a hint of bush as she rides him. A sexy scene marred by "artsy" camera work.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Picnic; ep: Something Wilder

During a sex scene during a park picnic, Amy is stripped to the waist, with several well lit views of her breasts. It then abruptly ends.

McKinnon was written on November 8, 2013

Flashback and fantasy; "Girl on Page 19"

The episode starts with Lindsay riding her character's husband, in some flashback/dream. A number of looks at her chest. Later in the episode she's on her back, fantasizing about him going down on her. More breasts.

Tanya Lemelle
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Surfboard sex; ep: Beauty and the Beach

Perky brunette Tanya has one sex scene early in the episode, as she is in a flashback of Sean Reynold's. They have sex on his surfboard. She's riding him the entire time, for a 2 or so minute scene. She has natural breasts that look to be about C cup, with very large brown areola.

Avena Lee
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Car ride; ep: Sexperience

Avena seduces her therapist, ending in an extended scene in a car. They get into various positions but you mostly just see her small but shapely breasts, as she leaves her skirt on.

Sunny Lane
McKinnon was written on February 10, 2012

Living room; ep: Dutch Treat

Pretty girl next door type Sunny lowers her frilly top to entice Collier Landry with her C cups. She sits on his lap, then he takes her from behind. This is a potentially hot scene undone by some awkward camera angles and by someone's need to have her cover her pubis (the same happens later in the episode with Bobbi Harper).

Melody Krell
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Various: ep: Pajama Club

Credited as Rebecca Ryan, Melody has a very exotic look, dark hair and features that don't fit the typical sex queen cliche. Early on she fantasizes about having sex on a makeover show, showing off her slender frame and small, firm breasts as she is laying on and then leaning over a couch. Later she has sex backstage with Hugo Medina. This goes on for 4-5 minutes, intercut with a Beverly Lynne sex scene. I think this is annoying, as the flow of the scene is constantly broken. You can see her breasts and side views, not much else.

Tracy Keijser
McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

Kitchen floor; episode: Makeover

Tracy has one scene in this episode, a flashback, as she has sex with Dan Anderson on the kitchen floor. She's mostly on her back, and her breasts are seen as she's completely naked (the rest is blocked). This is fairly early in the episode.

Symone Humphris
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Sex and strip; episode: Luck be a Lady

British (I think) Symone plays a stripper, long blonde hair, slightly exotic face, and large, natural breasts, hanging. She is shown stripping in a club and then being taken by Ronnie Gene Blevins backstage, and finally, stripping again, after their split, to try to tempt him. This is all just breasts, but is alluring nonetheless.

Bobbie Hemison
McKinnon was written on February 11, 2012

Bed; ep: Undercover Girl

Bobbie is a slim blonde with a shapely bottom and small but firm breasts. Mark Allan touches and kisses her breasts as they're kneeling on the bed, followed by some awkward side views as they seem to try to avoid showing her lower half as much as they can.

Bobbi Harper
McKinnon was written on February 10, 2012

Two; ep: Dutch Treat

Bobbi is a very thin woman who looks a little more like an everyday person than a porn star. About midway through this episode she has a flashback of sex with an ex, which shows some side views of her small breasts, then a scene of her sitting on his lap, jostling around, playing with herself. Later on, she has sex in a restaurant kitchen, a quick scene which just has her topless.

Jill Green
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Several; Episode: Competitive Juices

Blonde Jill plays Trish, who wants to hook up with an athletic guy. In a fantasy sequence with Glen Meadows, she shows her huge implants and a quick shot of her ass. In a later scene with Frank Mercuri, there are more shots of her breasts, and then a final sex scene on the couch is her breasts and a quick shot of her dark landing strip as Frank does her from behind.

Carrie Gonzalez
McKinnon was written on November 7, 2013

Various; "Sexual Healing"

Carrie plays a nurse. She has a fantasy sex scene with Glen Meadows and then a real (well, real for TV) one with Matt Wilde. Both guys spend a lot of time playing with her breasts, suckling them, etc. Both scenes feel more erotic and less forced than many on these shows, although the second one, which involves various positions around an examination table, goes on a little too long.

Amber France
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Twice; episode: Sex Sense

Amber has a certain everyday quality about her that makes her unique in these sometimes plastic programs. She first shows her small breasts in a sex scene with Allen Nabors as they rut while painting each other (very hot scene), then later, in a sex scene with another man (not sure of who he is), she shows her breasts and her ass (he lowers her panties as her rear faces the camera) while she is against a wall.

Kimberly Fisher
McKinnon was written on February 11, 2012

Various; ep: Undercover Girl

Kimberly has three sex scenes in this, a large load (no pun intended) for a half hour episode. Her first is in an alley with Jerry Angelo. This is another one of those episodes which seems to avoid full frontal as much as possible, so when her panties are lowered, the camera awkwardly cuts away. She then covers her privates with her hand (as she does in most of the other sex scenes). This is still a hot scene. Later she has sex in a cheap looking office, mostly her upper half shown, although there is an extended closeup of her supple bottom. Finally she has sex in front of a fireplace, mostly seen sitting on the lap of or laying in front of Mark Allan. Again, awkward positions, but they have good chemistry, and there are some frontal glimpses as well.

Ashley Fires
McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Fast food; ep: Something Wilder

Ashley is an attractive, offbeat looking blonde, who seduces Glen Meadows at the fast food place they work at. After going down on him, he pushes her against a counter, giving several views of her breasts.

Jenna Dee
McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Couch sex; ep: Whose Thong Is It Anyway?

Jenna is an attractive brunette, slightly dark features. Near the end of the episode, she's on a leather couch, with her natural, smallish breasts displayed while she's on her back. A brief glimpse of her landing strip as her panties are lowered and Andy Hoppers goes down on her. He then gets on top of her, with most of the view obscured, but there's a very hot moment where he pours champagne over her breasts and starts licking them.

Angela Davies
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Office and kitchen; ep: Beauty and the Beach

Angela has a sex scene with Andy Hopper in his office, mostly her breasts as she's on the desk, and then a brief frontal glimpse when we see a full profile of her when he's doing her from behind. A better lit and much more exposed scene arrives later, when she's having sex with Sean Reynolds in the kitchen. You can see an extended closeup of her dark landing strip as Reynolds takes off her shorts. There are also various looks at her breasts as they're being kissed and she's on her back, and more breast shots as she and Reynolds are standing in front of a refrigerator.

Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

2 scenes; episode: Confessions in the Dark

Angela plays an older woman who seduces her teenage son's best friend. Never mind that she is only a few years old than the guy playing the friend (Glen Meadows). Kudos to Angela for keeping her natural breasts. They're small but very succulent. She has 2 scenes, 1 when she's topless being eaten out in a chair and then screwed against a table, and another where we first see her seducing Glen. Some glimpses of her breast and her shaved pubic area.

Cassie Courtland
McKinnon was written on April 11, 2012

Kitchen; ep: Sensational

Cassie is seen in a kitchen, doing dishes. Frank Harper stands behind her, lowering her dress, showing off her small, perfectly rounded breasts. Next she's sitting on the sink as he eats her out, and she rubs foam on her chest. Finally he stands behind her, doggy style, with a few vague frontal glimpses. They have a nice chemistry.

Chelsea Chandler
McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

Bartop, chair; episode: Love is Blind

Chelsea plays an aging model (30) who finds love with a blind man. She has a flashback to a sex scene with Danny Pape. She's naked and standing on top of a bar counter, showing her breasts and ass. More breasts views as she has sex with Danny. Later, she has sex with Phillipe Til, on top of him as he sits in a chair, giving quite a few more looks at her breasts. This scene is for some reason cut into two segments.

Kelly Burns
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Desk and bed; ep: Naughty and Nice

Credited again as Kelhi O'Byrne, she makes her first appearance as a soap actress who wants to date a man who doesn't know who she is. A flashback sex scene with a fan mostly shows her breasts, as she's flat on her back on a desk. Her second scene, with Glen Meadows, has her riding him, with several shots of her topless as the scene continues for 2-4 minutes with lots of motion and split screens.

McKinnon was written on May 5, 2011

SM glass door episode Makeover

Credited as Kelhi O'Byrne Kelly has one sex scene from about 23-26 or so with Dan Anderson She is pressed against the glass door front and back throughout the scene in various positions as he takes her from behind or he is holding one of her legs and they're face-to-face It's a little awkward sometimes although Kelly looks very good She also has a scene that goes from about 1430 to 16 minutes where she's in black panties garter belt corset type thing all black and she's riding a guy in a chair until she gets a phone call and leaves him Her breasts pop out several times while she's riding him

Tiffany Bolton
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Winning a bet; ep: Beauty and the Beach

Slightly exotic brunette Tiffany was one of the leads on this show, in its first season. She had quite a few nude scenes. In the third episode, she's shown topless as she is riding Collier Landry. Then he takes her from behind and there are close views of her breasts jostling.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Shower sex; ep: Whose Thong Is It Anyway?

Early in this episode there is an extremely hot scene with Tiffany and Glen Meadows in the shower. He puts her against the shower wall, with most of the camera focused on her breasts. He also uses the shower head to spray water on various parts of her body. The chemistry between the actors and the simplicity make this a very very hot scene. The camera cuts away, awkwardly, from her lower half, which is a little distracting.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Flashback; ep: Internal Affairs

Tiffany remembers fireside sex with an old flame. As she rides him, there are a number of looks at her breasts, and a quick glimpse of her pubic area. This scene last several minutes.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Fast food; ep: Something Wilder

After reconciling with Glen Meadows, they have sex at his fast food job, with several side views of Tiffany's breasts and buttocks. Lackluster ending for her run on the show.

Sarah Blake
McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Fingerpaint; ep: In Good Hands

Sarah lays on a desk as she and Marc Allen rub paint on each other's bodies, first as he stands over her, then behind her. In spite of the old cliche of sexy paint this is a very hot scene, and her breasts look great with the dark coating.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Dressing room; ep: Whose Thong Is It Anyway?

Porn star Aria, with a skunk hair streak and a lot of personality, plays a jaded soap star. She has a sex scene in her dressing room, first with her boobs hanging out of her dress as she's eaten out, then she's naked, bent over the makeup table, as she is taken from behind. Poor camera angles but a lot of enthusiasm.

Eva Angelina
McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Nerd love; ep: In Good Hands

Hardcore porn star Eva Angelina seduces her nerdy business partner, and he eagerly strips her down to aquamarine bra and panties. There's a fairly well lit full frontal view as she is standing up and her panties go. Another nice shot is her breasts bursting through her bra. We then see her from the side as she gets it from behind. Finally, she's sitting on his lap, playing with her bare pussy. This is a good, if not great, scene, but the huge implants are very distracting.

Mark Weiler
McKinnon was written on April 22, 2011

Ass; episode: Girl on page 19

Credited as Matt Wilde, he has a quick ass flash in a tent sex scene.

McKinnon was written on November 7, 2013

Mount and massage; "Sexual Healing"

In this Hollywood Sexcapades episod, there are some very fleeting and not great looks at Matt's formidable rear end. A later scene, where he's on a massage table, is better.

Tom Stone
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Towel and bed; ep: Sexperience

Tom is one of those guys who doesn't have the typical stud appeal, but is in great shape and is appealing in another way. In a flashback with Amberly Scott, he walks up to the bed and removes his towel, with a good, close shot of his nice ass as he joins her on the bed. The rest of the scene isn't memorable but that moment is, especially since there's a certain intimacy you usually don't get with men on these shows.

Hoyt Richards
McKinnon was written on May 5, 2011

Against window episode Makeover

Credited as Hoyt Richardson he has the older distinguished slightly weathered type of look He is in a number of first season episodes as Amy Lindsay's dead husband who has sex with her in her fantasies I guess Jeff Griggs wasn't available About 6 minutes into this episode he is giving it to her from behind as she's pressed against her office window There is a quick view of his firm and full rear end annoyingly blocked by her desk clutter

McKinnon was written on July 13, 2011

Anniversary; ep: Date and Switch

In a fireside flashback on his character's anniversary with Amy Lindsay, there are some good, overhead shots of Hoyt's tight, smooth ass as he gets on top of her.

Sean Reynolds
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Kitchen sex; ep: Beauty and the Beach

Unkempt Sean plays a surfing stud who finds true love with Angela Davies. They have sex in his kitchen, with several meaty ass shots, including a close-up (in split screen) and another as he's standing in front of her at the refrigerator.

Danny Pape
McKinnon was written on February 6, 2012

Danny dick; ep: Candi Hearts

Danny sees Shy Love in the shower and decides to join her. This starts in the usual, and hilarious, way, in that the camera awkwardly moves away from him just so we make sure he drops trou without prying eyes. Somehow, this caution left with the shower spray, because when he moves Shy around, there is a very clear look at his thick, half-hard shaft. There are also several good looks at his meaty cheeks.

Allen Nabors
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Painting; episode: Sex Sense

Allen has only one scene but it's one of the hottest scenes you're likely to find in this show. He and Amber France roll around on the floor, coating each other in paint, as his incredible bubble butt jostles each time he thrusts into her.

Frank Mercuri
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Ass; episode: Sex Sense

Frank plays a spirit who has several sex scenes with Rochelle Vallese. The second one is his chest only as Rochelle is riding him, but the first has some glimpses of his nice ass while he is on top of Rochelle.

cinemaReview69 was written on November 2, 2012

Butt, Solid Penis Shot

This might take one needing to rewatch it once but in the closet sex scene, when the female softcore star's ass comes into view, you can make out his junk beneath her riding him.

Hugo Medina
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Couch copulation; ep: Pajama Club

Handsome, Hispanic Hugo shows a quick flash of his muscular ass when he's kneeling behind Josilyn Wright.

Glen Meadows
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

2 episodes

This is the second season, when the show was renamed "Hollywood Sexcapades". In "Competitive Juices", Glen fantasizes about Jill Green and they have sex on a basketball court. There's a decent shot of his hot ass while he's plowing into her as they stand up. In "Confessions in the Dark", there's a brief shot of his ass when he pushes Angela Davies on top of a table and she pulls down his shorts. This episode has 3 sex scenes and he barely shows anything - what a waste.

Collier Landry
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Rear glimpse; ep: Beauty and the Beach

After mostly being seen from the side (if even that), the upper half of Collier's ass can be seen as he collapses on Tiffany Bolton after they finish doggy style.

McKinnon was written on February 10, 2012

Beef; ep: Dutch Treat

Collier has two sex scenes, both with some flesh on show, but the first, with some side nudity, is ruined by bad camera angles. The second, set in a restaurant kitchen, is better, as there are several very close views of his beefy buttocks.

Andy Hopper
McKinnon was written on July 14, 2011

Office sex; ep: Beauty and the Beach

Andy is seduced by girlfriend Angela Davies as he is trying to finish a project. He keeps his shirt and tie on throughout, but towards the last half of the scene, when he's standing up and Angela is placed on the desk, there are some views of his very shapely ass. Almost good enough to make me give 2 stars, but not quite.

McKinnon was written on February 3, 2012

Couch sex; ep: Whose Thong Is It Anyway?

Andy has a hot sex scene with Jenna Dee on a leather couch. He spends much of this scene on top of her, but cowardly camera work means her legs and a champagne bottle get in the way. Still, his nice ass can be seen enough.

Frank Harper
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Kitchen; ep: Sensational

You can see a quick look at his ass when he's standing/kneeling near Cassie Courtland at the start of a sex scene.

Tyler Finn
McKinnon was written on February 5, 2012

Buns of steel; ep: Sexperience

Tyler has more of a character actor's face but a fantastic body, and puts real effort into the sex scenes. The first, a car scene, has a fantastic shot of his tanned, marble mounds as he's behind Avena Lee. Unfortunately the camera work in his scenes with Christy Patrick is poor, always too close, so we never get to see a proper view of his ass. Still, the scenes of him thrusting away on top of her are phenomenal to watch.

Drake Dorado
McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

Bed sex; episode: Love is Blind

Drake, who has short dark hair and a slightly rugged look, has sex with Amy Lindsay near the end of the episode. As he's on top of Amy, you can see a side view of his very nice ass.

Christian Dion
Frankie Cullen
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2006

Kitchen; Episode: Competitive Juices

Muscular brunette Frankie shows his muscled, huge ass in a kitchen sex scene with Christine. We see a side glimpse of the tanned god for a very quick second.

Shankura Collinson
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Partner sex episode Internal Affairs

Handsome black actor who sadly seems to have done few other roles has a sex scene with Diana Rios his police partner Not as good as it could have been but there are some OK looks at his very muscular ass when he thrusts on top of Diana

Billy Chappell
Clayton Cannon
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Various love scenes

Clayton Cannon is one of the most beautiful men anywhere. With coal black hair, tanned silky skin, a muscled body and beautiful face, he hasn't got a bad camera angle. He is just drip dead gorgeous. So why is he the biggest pussy among the actors of soft core about doing nudity? Let's be honest here--being nude means showing one's penis or ass. Cannon does neither. Not only does he avoid showing either one, but the camera is careful to mostly stay off him and on the woman the entire time. The camera work in his scenes, and basically in this entire worthless, misogynistic series is insulting to anyone who enjoys male nude scenes. This one is clearly produced by those men who can't enjoy their tits if the guy is ever shown nude. A complete waste of time and the worst of the series that Cinemax ever broadcast. This show can go bye bye and never be missed.

Ronnie Gene Blevins
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Sex; episode: Luck be a Lady

Ronnie isn't the most conventionally attractive man, but he has a very beefy quality about him that makes him stand out. He has two sex scenes, the first in a dressing room with Symone Humphris, where he keeps his shirt on, but there are still some decent looks at his butt. The second scene, in bed with Tamie Sheffield, is marred by some annoying camera work, but still provides you with a great closeup of his meaty ass.

Brad Bartram
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Elevator love episode Internal Affairs

Brad has sex in a freight elevator near the end of the episode He goes from one end of the elevator to the other with several decent if darkly lit shots of his rear end

Daniel Anderson
McKinnon was written on May 6, 2011

Two sex scenes; episode: Makeover

Dan proves why he was one of the studs of softcore for so many years. He has two sex scenes in this episode, one early on (a flashback with his wife) and towards the end (a scene with his date, a soap actress). The first one he's on top of his wife on the kitchen floor. In the second he presses his date against a glass door, and takes her from front and behind. His muscular ass is shown to good effect several times.

Marc Allen
McKinnon was written on February 4, 2012

Various; ep: In Good Hands

Marc looks like a cross between Glen Meadows and Giovanni Ribisi, and plays the nerd role which Meadows abandoned in the second and last season of the show. He has two sex scenes and both show some obscured or dark looks at what is clearly a tight, toned ass. There's also a nice closeup of his bulge in boxer briefs.

Marc Allan

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